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  • Publisher: ArtelliTech
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 11.5 MB
  • Version: 1.3
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: AppleShooter is a simple & fast game, based on the legend of William Tell the archer.

Get to play as William Tell!
Find out how much a Sharp Apple Shooter you are, compete and upload your High Score online.

Your main target is to hit the apple as fast as you can, the faster you hit, the more points you get.
each level you pass, you will shoot from a longer distance, see how far can you get and still shoot the apple!
Aim your Bow carefully, target at the apple, Stretch your bow and release the arrow when prepared.

Be careful not to hit the man below, and don't miss too many arrows or you will lose the game!

OpenFeint Supported.

Alon Amir: Software Design & Code Development - aabluedragon@gmail.com
Alex Geyzner: Idea & Managment - ageyzner@gmail.com
Graphic Designer:
Uzi Shlager - uzi.shlager@gmail.com
05-19-2010, 08:43 PM
Joined: Mar 2009
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Apple shoot games have been around for a long time. The PC Apple Shooter web game is fairly popular, well liked, and has remained one of the more played flash games over the years. I figured it was only a matter of time before a developer would make an Apple Shooter for the iphone, and now its arrived. Very simple in concept, you play as an archer, and aim and shoot the apple of the person's head without killing them or running out of arrows. Its surprisingly fun and addicting.

The gameplay for each level of the game involves just shooting the apple off the man's head. You are only given a certain amount of arrows/attempts to do so and if they are all used before spearing the apple it's game over. If the man with the apple on his head gets hit with the arrow anywhere it's game over. He can be decapitated and stabbed from the arrow. Every time you successfully shoot the apple off the man's head without killing him, you move on to the next level, where the man will be positioned further away making the apple seem like a smaller target, increasing the challenge.

The game has 2 control options: the first option uses the accelerometer to tilt and aim the bow high and low, there is a calibration feature to go with it. The second option allows you to slide your finger up and down on the right side of the screen to aim the bow higher or lower. The actual shooting of the bow is the same for both options, just hold down on the left side of the screen(the longer you hold the more power to the shot) and release to fire. Both control options work fine but it would be nice to see an additional control option added where the aiming and shooting is all done with one finger like in the game Bloons.

Scoring in the game is setup so that you get 100 points for every apple you shoot off the man's head, but you can also earn "momentum bonus" points for shooting the apple quickly from the start of the level. A 5-second timer(on screen meter) will count down, and every second you have left over within those 5 seconds after shooting the apple is converted to bonus points. You do not have to shoot the apple off the man's head within 5 seconds to complete a level, if you don't care about earning the bonus points, you can take all the time you want. Basically the quicker you shoot the apple the more bonus points you earn and the better chance to up your overall accumulated point total. There is a local and global high scores list and the game uses Openfeint.

This is definitely just a casual pickup and play game, but it is pretty fun and addicting. Most people have played this before or something similiar to it, if you want it on your iphone then check this one out, its the best Apple Shooter in the store so far. 8.5/10

Suggestions to the dev for possible additions in updates...

-More extra features thrown in such as a reward system to earn extra arrows based on performance.
-A meter to show the distance of each shot
-More changes in background scenery for the levels.

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05-20-2010, 03:00 AM
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Thank you freedog for your review!

We will make an effort to improve the game with suggested addtions in future updates.

I'll be happy to receive more improvement ideas!
05-22-2010, 06:33 AM
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Check out AppleShooter video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY2rSdY7Li8
05-22-2010, 06:42 AM
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and the screenshots looks differened from the video!
05-25-2010, 02:48 AM
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