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The best and worst concerts you ever attended?

05-12-2016, 01:54 PM
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The best and worst concerts you ever attended?

List as many as you like.... I will do 5 of each. But I will not include all day festivals, just bands doing their own gigs.


1. Pink Floyd.... as you can imagine, just over the top and amazing every time I saw them
2. Prince.... just the sheer musical talent, but he had so many songs I loved
3. ZZ Top... they had so much fun on stage it was just infectious for the crowd
4. Bruce Springsteen..... Saw him do a nearly 5 hour show..... was not a fan UNTIL THAT NIGHT.
5. KISS ... the first time I saw them.... I was about 15 years old and as you can imagine, it was too cool for words in the 1970's.


1. Kiss.... the tour they didn't have makeup for... They not only didn't have the makeup and pyrotechnics, but they didn't play more than 3 hits. It was like they wanted to distance themselves from their past.

2. Van Morrison.... another guy who wouldn't play his hits. Apparently he was known for doing that. Shame I didn't know.

3. The Cars..... I think I fell asleep.

4. Cheap Trick.... There were times when I swear they were not actually singing or playing their instruments.

5. Van Halen.... so bleeping loud that at times I had no idea what song they were singing.

Honorable mentions, both good and bad:

David Bowie..... played almost an entire concert with just house lights on. He looked bored.

Linda Ronstadt... Bought the tickets for my dad, as he was a fan... he developed a brain tumor and couldn't go, so I took a buddy... she was FABULOUS

Carrie Underwood.... a 2+ hour amazing show.... I never would have guessed she could last that long!

And finally, I took my kids to see Taylor Swift. But I am not ashamed to admit that I really like her music. The concert was fabulous... my only issue was how everything is so choreographed. Even when she spoke, it was like she was reading from cue cards.