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App description: Abalone is a two-player strategy board game in which the objective is to push six of the opponent's marbles off the edge of the board.

The rules:
1. The board consists of 61 circular spaces arranged in a hexagon.

2. Each player starts with 14 marbles.

3. Play alternates between the players one move at a time, with black moving first.

4. For each move, a player moves a line of one, two or three one space.

5. The move can be either in-line (parallel to the line of marbles) or broadside (not parallel to the line of marbles).

6. A player can push their opponentâ²s marbles which are in an adjacent space to their own with an in-line move only.

7. They can only push if the pushing line has more marbles than the pushed line (three can push two or one; two can push one).

8. Marbles must be pushed into an open space (i.e. not blocked by a marble of either colour).

The winner is the first player to win six marbles from the opponent.

DaveMc99's comments:

Based on the boardgame http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abalone_(board_game)

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i used to love playing this with my dad when i was younger!

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