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App description: Stimulate your brains and have so much FUN at the same time with this DYNAMIC puzzle game. iLoopIt is a ONE-OF-A-KIND puzzle game that has finally arrived to the App Store. UNIQUE in its idea and like nothing else. The greatness of this game lies in its SIMPLICITY yet its ability to test your mental agility and stretch your mind.

- Welcoming interface with attractive colors
- Intuitive game, simple yet challenging
- Suitable for all ages
- Three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
- A total of 72 unique puzzles
- Beautiful sound track that sets the right mood for the game
- Ability to mute the sounds
- The game remembers your Best Time for each unique puzzle so you can keep trying to improve your performance

The objective of the game:
Form a full loop of solid red lines that doesn't overlap or intersect at any point within the grid.

Here is how to play:
Start at any point of your choosing in the grid. Simply tap a dotted line to turn it into a solid red line. A gentle swipe can also do the trick.

The blue number inside a given square indicates the number of solid lines that are supposed to exist around that square. That's your target number for each square in the grid.

In the "Medium" or "Hard" levels, some blue numbers will display a "+" sign to indicate that your target could be 1, 2 or 3 solid red lines around that square.

Every time you tap a dotted line, a red number within each affected square will increment to reflect the current number of solid red lines around those squares. Conversely, the red number will decrement if you tap a solid red line turning it back into a dotted line.

If you are playing the "Easy" level, green shades are displayed atop the squares where the red number matches the blue number. This comes as a great help for you towards the end of game when most of the squares are shaded green. It will point you quickly to those squares where the two numbers still don't match.

When you finish the game, all squares must have the green shade and a full loop is formed.

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Hi All,

Check out the new puzzle game: iLoopIt



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