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New game started YOU decide on content.

05-24-2010, 12:52 PM
New game started YOU decide on content.

Hi Guys,

We would like your input all the way on this one!

Utopian Games would like to have input from Touch Arcade users to help design a simple (but with your input amazing!) break time/time waster type game.

I have an early video reusing some old art my artist had and would like some feedback.

Any ideas will be taken on board for eg should we go with germs/virus/bacteria or can you think of anything better?

Ideas to put forward include sound, art, design or feedback etc etc.

One day in and i have this so far.

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05-24-2010, 01:33 PM
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Okay, here's my idea after watching your video and having 10 secs to think about it...
Your guys are the good bacteria, your enemies are the bad bacteria. As the good bacteria you must fight off the bad bacteria. This could either be a PvZ game or 'Tap to kill'. Personally I prefer the PvZ idea, so here's what i've thought of for that...
Your bacteria are like mini people - they have arms legs and heads. However different units have different appearances. You must place good bacteria accross the map to stop the bad bacteria getting to the human lungs (or some other organ). The good bacteria could have units such as 'cleaners' - who squirt anti bacteria liquid, 'beefy guys' - ones who punch surrounding bacteria, or even 'mucus growers' - mad scientists who grow mucus that explodes over the screen killing all bad bacteria but some good bacteria.

That's just off the top of my head. Hope it inspires you

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05-24-2010, 01:53 PM
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This is screaming line drawing game to me maybe its because I like the genre maybe because of the video. okay so here goes maybe you can have a line drawing game where the bacteria comes in and you have to match it to the right medicine for it. Kind of like a super 7 approach instead of numbers its bacteria and medicine. and some bacteria combines and the medicine you need for it changes.Thats what I'm thinking.
05-24-2010, 02:41 PM
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Make An fps.

Actually I like the td idea maybe sOmething likemnster

mayhem or pcz although that category Would be hard to compete in unless you add a lot of new aspects to your game.

Hi there!
05-24-2010, 02:46 PM
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add a little bonus
"a flu shot - shaped like a needle - kills half of the bacteria on the screen"
05-24-2010, 02:51 PM
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or something like tilt to live you are a good bacteria and there are many bad bacteries and you must kill them with powers they will follow you ... it will be fun guys
05-24-2010, 03:43 PM
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Yes make it similar to tilt to live in which you have a good bacteria running from the bad bacteria an you have to kill the bad bacteria using the methods you described.

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05-24-2010, 04:06 PM
Wow i'm loving the ideas guys!

Keep them coming and we will decide on the theme & game mechanic in a few days.

05-28-2010, 01:57 AM

We have decided to go with tilt to live game mech but with a few twists.

Instead of collecting the power ups you have to collect smaller spores 1st to spore the big one then go after the germs.

So its looking like a cross between pacman and tilt to live atm....good idea?

The bad guys will have differnt abilites when hit and some wont die instantly, some of them you will have to hover over for a few seconds as they run to kill them.

Im thinking level based and really mixing up the play by doing survival rounds with warp gates and one massive power up that appears if you last 30, 60, 180 seconds.

Still working on it and still need ideas from you guys!

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