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App description: Caster comes to the iPad in Caster HD! Experience the App Store's best 3rd person shooter in high resolution!


Caster is an Intense High Speed 3rd person shooter with Explosive Effects and Massive Terrain Deformation! As a rookie Caster, you are assigned to rid the Middon region of a serious infestation of bug like creatures known as the Flanx. Complete this mission and many more adventures await you in future episodes (for FREE!).

If you like Metroid, Mega Man, Anime, Manga, or shooters in general, you absolutely MUST check out this game.


"We make no bones about it, we love Caster...once you get sucked into the world of Caster the rest of life will move in slow motion".
--GameTunnel.com (Indie Game Round-Up [April 2009])

"It's your pathway to total power and youll love blasting your way through every second of it".
--Mike Rose (www.Independently-Speaking.com)

"I immediately fell in love with Caster's simple premise and retro-style gameplay, and I enjoyed every moment of it through the epic final boss battle. Want more, please."
--John Bardinelli (www.bardinelli.com)

"Caster gets a 5/5 rating overall for a fantastic gaming experience."
--Rolland Judd (www.harryballs.com)

"Caster is well-polished and it genuinely feels good to run around the games large 3d landscapes and blast them".
--Derek Yu (www.TIGSource.com)

"...[ Elecorn ]'s done a superb job of creating an action game where you run, jump and hurl spells into a colourful 3D world".
--Jim Rossignol (www.rockpapershotgun.com)

"...Caster's shining moments - some brilliantly thought out levels and a truly original boss ending - are a sign of great things to come."
--Alex McLarty (www.themacgamer.com)

"The bottom line is if you like action games, Caster is a must buy."
--Zak, Mike (funeffect.com)


- Fast Action!
- Massive Terrain Destruction!
- 6 Attacks of Sheer Power and Awesomeness!
- 22 Unique Open World Landscapes!
- Jump hundreds of feet into the air!
- Dash at super human speeds!
- Pulse pounding music and sound!
- Fantastic 3rd person controls!
- 3 difficulty levels, Casual, Normal, and EXTREME!
- Sci-fi anime style storyline. All new episodes FREE!

Check out Caster in action here:



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05-28-2010, 08:04 PM
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I like that they made the HD version a universal app...and it's only a few megabytes more than the iPhone only version. I think it's a good format to follow for HD versions...HD versions being universal with a cheaper iPhone only version in the market.

I always thought it was a pretty good game...thank god they fixed the controls in thie new update...jumping used to be a big pain in the first iPad release.

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05-28-2010, 09:25 PM
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Universal HD..

Hmm, guess I'll pick this up again.
05-28-2010, 09:44 PM
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Yeah I bought again too. Sigh.

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05-28-2010, 11:32 PM
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Price dropped to a dollar.

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