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App description: Buckle up and take flight. Soar through the sky and fly your 3D helicopter through floating rings to score as Zombie Robots with jetpacks try to take you down. You wont be flying the friendly skies! This helicopter game is highly addictive and sure to provide thrills for everyone - with or without a pilots license!

SEE THE VIDEO AT www.helo1.com

Created by Bruno Ciccone, a real helicopter pilot, easy controls will have you flying in no time. Tilt your screen to fly forward, backward and sideways. Touch your screen to fly up and down; or spin left and right.


"HeloZombie" is the app's short name as it appears on your device.



AppSafari.com - "If you are into flight simulation games and enjoy ones that employ the accurate physics of helicopter piloting, then Helicopters vs. Zombies is sure to get you lifted off your launch pad... It is a well-designed and challenging app that the avid virtual pilot will surely dedicate hours to."

FpprLA - "Great game! The zombies are fun and make the game a good challenge. Definitely recommend the purchase!"

MiB3ll - "Fun helicopter game! Wish the real sky looked as pretty as this all the time!"

ciaoumberto - "Cool game! Makes me want to try to fly a real helo. And those darn zombies! Addictive!"

06-02-2010, 01:12 PM
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More Zombie combinations? When will we see Super Donut Zombie?

Invaders Must Die.
06-02-2010, 01:13 PM
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Pretty nice graphics looks interesting could do with a vid and they need to sort out that awful icon