App description: Famous boardgame and great iOS experience, with expansions as in-app purchases.
"iPhone Game of the Year", iTunes Rewind Germany.
"The single best board game experience in the App Store", gamezebo
"Carcassonne does just about everything right on the iPhone", ars technica
"It is quite simply one of the most polished games on the platform",
"There's nothing like a sneaky farmer to push you across the winning line", Edge Magazine
"Beautiful and intuitive", joystiq
"Carcassonne is as good as it gets", EGM
"Of all the tabletop games I have played on my iPad while pooping, nothing has as much time invested in it as Carcassonne", Wil Wheaton

Play the original award winning board game Carcassonne with friends, family, or other board game enthusiasts - online or offline.

Build a medieval landscape, tile by tile, claim landmarks with your followers and score points. As a winner of the prestigious "Spiel des Jahres" award in 2001, the game allows for a plethora of play styles and strategies. If you like social gaming or board games you will love Carcassonne!


Official Carcassonne game with original artwork
Universal App - Buy once, play on iPad and iPhone
Expansions available via In-App-Purchase
"The River" adds a new strategic element to the game play
"Inns and Cathedrals" adds a double follower and tiles to upvalue cities and roads.
"Traders & Builders" with trade-goods, pigs and builders.
"Princess & Dragon" with dragon, princess, fairy and magic portals.
"Phantom" adds the phantom, a game piece you can place in addition to other followers.
"Winter" with a new theme, tiles, and the Gingerbread Man.
"Double Base Tile Set" adds the possibility to play with twice the amount of base game (or winter) cards.
Easy mode that does not count Fields, ideal for Kids
9 different AI players: (Hans, Count, Countess, Maid, Servant, Juggler, Fortune Teller, Witch and Warlock)
Play with up to five players passing one device around
Unique Solitaire mode
Local network play
Internet multiplayer with Push Notifications
Online and offline ranking
Game Center Achievements
Comprehensive in-game manual
Tutorials with voice acting
Compete for the best score in Solitaire Game of the Week
Chat function for Internet and local network games
Play with Game Center friends


How do I redownload my Expansions?

You can restore your purchases free of charge in the app's purchases menu. (The treasure chest in the main menu.)

Help! Im trapped in a menu screen!
Try opening in your iPads or iPhones Safari.

What about more Expansions?

We are continuing to work on further expansions. Please don't hesitate to tell us which one you'd like to see next!

Can I play asynchronously?

Yes. In "Play with Friends" you can leave the app and will be notified when it's your turn again. No pressure though, unlike "Quick Play" there are no time limits.

Can I play against my familiy or friends by passing the device around?

Yes, of course. Up to five players can play on the same device.

Do I need to buy the expansions to participate in a game with expansions?

If you are playing local network multiplayer you can share an expansion with your opponents. To play online multiplayer, you need to buy the expansion to play with it.

Can I play with expansions in quick play?

Yes. However currently we limit the combinations of the expansions in quick play to avoid fragmentation of the player base and longer waiting times for games. We try to give three or four useful combinations for quick play. There is also the "Automatic" category that tries to match you up with anyone who wants to play right now.
12-12-2011, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by gorgos View Post
Great AI? I don't agree, but it doesn't really matter, most people play online anyways I think.

Here are also Carcassonne tournaments, if somebody is interested:
For a game this complex I am actually quite impressed with how well the AI does and how they made them actually play differently. Sure human competition is always better but the AI is pretty solid!

In fact i imagine updating the AI was one of the harder parts of programming the expansions as the new tiles add a lot more possibilities.
12-12-2011, 09:06 AM
Finally broke down and got this, and I love it. Either I'm a terribly rubbish player, or the AI is pretty darn tough. I don't think I've felt this actively challenged by an AI in any similar games.

Actually makes me afraid to play other humans though I am a bit of a Carc noob, but I don't lack for enthusiasm for the game. If you're on the fence, it's a wonderful app as well (I own the tabletop also). Very impressed with the polish and presentation.

12-12-2011, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by eflin View Post
For a game this complex I am actually quite impressed with how well the AI does and how they made them actually play differently.
I agree! This is a solid AI.
12-14-2011, 08:56 AM
Please tell me that the expansions drop tonight!!!
12-14-2011, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by clarsonx View Post
Please tell me that the expansions drop tonight!!!
The expan...crap, I couldn't do it. Too cruel.

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Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
The expan....carp, I couldn't do it. Too cruel.
Don't toy with me, the stakes are to high
12-14-2011, 04:30 PM
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Guys, I think it's hitting tonight.

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12-14-2011, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by bgribin View Post
Guys, I think it's hitting tonight.
What does it say? Twitter is borked.

Oh radical, the [redacted] update is hitting tonight as well which includes all the expansion packs we posted about a while back. :O
TA editor said that.

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Yeah, Twitter's back up now.

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12-15-2011, 04:09 AM
Still waiting .....

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