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Land Air Sea Warfare: The only RTS you will ever need.

06-05-2010, 07:51 PM
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Land Air Sea Warfare: The only RTS you will ever need.

I'd like to start off this review by acknowledging the stupendous effort of forum member Rasterman in creating this game. He has been working full time, solo, for the last 2 years to create the most epic RTS of all time.

Overview: in LASW, you are the supreme commander of a base with presumably a lot of people. The base mines ore, which you can use to build power generators, which let you build war factories, and therefore units. There are 3 different categories of units. Land, Air, and Sea. These each have their own factory base. There are also Mega Units, which are gigantic units that are ultra powerful.

Graphics: This is a great part of the game. All of the different units are beautifully animated and have their different animations. The water, shadows on the ground from aircraft and boats effect on water all look realistic. As you can see from the above picture, the graphics are great. The Frames per seconds are also great, however, it seems it slows down a tiny bit when there are hundreds of units on the field. Anyways, the dev did a great job optimizing the code. Note: the red beam is a laser from the mega-laser unit in the top left.

Controls: Controls are also top notch. The dev said he studied control mechanisms from many RTS's until deciding on his. He uses a drag for box, double click for all of the same unit(for ex: Double click to choose all rocket helicopter), choice to choose all of land, air, or sea units. You press on the minimap or screen to choose place or unit to attack. Also, one special group you can customize for a special attack force.
Edit: Actually, all 4 groups are customizable, just by default 3 of the groups are land, air, and sea

Gameplay: The gameplay is very good as well. It boasts 34 different units, including 7 different mega units, which each require an unique resource that is easily mined. There are 25 different buildings, which range from disabling opponent's satellites, energy sheilds for units to hide behind, walls to slowdown enemy units, to research facilites. Then there are 12 defensive buildings, mostly turrets, that do stuff like guard against ICBM's, or blow up when enemy units run over it. Finally there are 30 different technologies for a grand total of 111 different things to research. For the full list go to http://www.isotope244.com/lasw/help.html.
The great part is, they all are different positions. There is a long range ground unit that's used for pounding turrets where they can't hit you. There are special hovercraft for an amphibious assault. There are helicopters that can heli-transport your land units to another island. There are even stealth aircraft and subs for guerilla warfare.

Replayability: It will be quite some time before you’ll be able to defeat the enemy on hard. Then robotic will take you even longer. An average 4-way match on robotic lasts 2 hours and will make even veterans of this game be biting their nails. After that, there’s the impossible 1 vs. 2 match. I don’t think anybody’s beaten that yet. There are also many customization options, from tech level to start from, to specific kind of units, to kinds of maps.

Future Updates: Ah, how much we love the updates. Well, 2 things make sure that there are updates. 1. He’s an indie dev with lots of money after his hit Machines of War. 2. He promised them and if he doesn’t do them, we’ll hate him for the rest of his life.
The things he said he would add eventually, is a campaign mode, infantry units, more units, more modes, and multiplayer, if he can manage a decent lag-free game.

Cons: I’ll be putting the cons in a different section by itself as they’re a tiny amount. First of all, when enemies are shooting at you from behind the fog of war, they are not revealed. 2nd, there is no campaign mode. 3rd, there is no multiplayer mode. That’s pretty much it. These will be added/fixed in future updates, says the dev.

Rating: 9/10 This game already has all forces ready to crush the opposition. The gameplay, the graphics, the variety, all place it well above other RTS’s. LASW is a must get for every ipod.

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