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App description: How well can you Drag 'n' Tag? Simply drag the shape to its matching target to score points.


3 unique game modes:

Time Tag - See how many matching tags you can make in 60 seconds

Shrink Survival - As the targets shrink over time you have to tag as many of them as you can to help them regenerate

Move Match - The targets will be moving from in this mode you have to tag as many targets as fast as possible, the fast you tag them all the more points you will earn

Each mode can be played across 4 different level variations. The higher the level you choose the more points you gain.

OpenFeint Enabled

OpenFeint Online and Offline Leaderboards

OpenFeint Achievements

Habakuk's comments:

Tried "Time Tag"-mode for some minutes and it's a cute & funny little casual game with a fresh new concept and gameplay.

First you have to catch the appropriate moving and vanishing shapes (not so easy sometimes, eventually dig for them by displacing others) and drag them to the target. In another game mode the target is shrinking. 12 OpenFeint achievements. Love the UI—there is a little puzzle already in the almost text-free "Game/Level Select" option.

Nice graphics and animations, the sounds are a bit repetitive maybe. Supports multitouch (I am working with two fingers). Runs smooth and stable on my iPh3G. Will pick up Drag 'n' Tag again for sure. Let me express it like this: I've seen worse games in App Store for more money.

Try it! And take your chance to reach a high worldwide rank since the game is brand new (since Jun 03 '10).
06-07-2010, 02:14 PM
Joined: Mar 2010
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Okay, guess I'm officially the first to post on this thread.

I downloaded it while it was free, so excited to see what it had to offer but I was so disappointed.

One thing I would suggest some tweaking on are your shapes. Now I can understand if you want to keep it quite stylish with the black and white and few colour bursts but do something about the shapes. Because they are all black because you cannot decipher which shape is what it makes the game somewhat annoying and it's one of the reasons I stopped playing and will be one of the reasons why so many people will give bad ratings.

So the suggestion; use borders around the shapes, or a different colour to each shape or something, ANYTHING! to make it better, easier even for the user to tell apart each shape.

Also, another thing I've found is that it's unresponsive, when I touch a shape I have to sometimes retouch the shape for it to be activated, which is also rather annoying.

I don't really mean to nitpick but as I am a paying... or would have been paying customer say this game were to be put up in price my view counts, but the font is also very difficult to understand.

Sorry for the essay ^^