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iPhone: No seriously iShooter - w/photo

02-23-2009, 11:06 PM
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No seriously iShooter - w/photo

Has anyone gotten iShooter to work with there iMafia.

I purhcased it the day it came out for 0.99c and then a few
hours later it disappeared from iTunes. I can still access it
in my iTunes, but the link to the game states that it's
not in the US store. Anyone have more info on this?

Thank you,

02-23-2009, 11:10 PM


i dont own etheir game but did u go through the steps?
02-23-2009, 11:11 PM
Did you follow the directions exactly?
02-23-2009, 11:12 PM
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It's part of PlayMesh's monetization strategy for iMafia. From my own review of iMafia:

Originally Posted by Frapstr
When you start the game, you’re given 10 honor points that you can spend with the Godfather. Honor points can be spent obtaining special favours such as extra mafia members, money, energy, stamina, health, skill points, and so on. Unfortunately, the mechanisms for earning more honor points are not in place yet, but there will be two ways in which this will happen: The first will be jobs that you can pull for the Don. Successfully completing these will earn you a certain number of honor points.

The second way hasn’t even been revealed publicly yet, but I talked with Playmesh about this at length. Ideally, Playmesh wanted to have a system whereby you can buy in-game items with real-world money, as with many MMORPGs found on Xbox and Playstation. Unfortunately Apple wants nothing to do with that whole microtransaction nonsense, so that option is out the window. Instead, Playmesh have come up with an interesting concept: Starting with their own forthcoming stable titles, Playmesh will award iMafia players with honor points whenever they purchase other Playmesh games. That way, not only do you get a new game to play, but you get honor points to spend in iMafia as a bonus. Additionally, Playmesh hope to cut some deals with other developers to get them to offer honor points with their apps in exchange for some in-game ad time through some hopefully unintrusive mechanism.

It is perhaps not the most ideal method of offering in-game benefits for real-world cash in a roundabout way, both because you may end up having to buy something you don’t really want if you’re desperate enough for the honor points, and because the system is not renewable, so when you run out of things to buy, you run out of alternative ways to get more honor points. However, absent the ability to impliment real microtransactions, this seems like the next best alternative.
Charles Ju (PlayMesh) told me to look out for something this week, and it looks like this is it: The first of PlayMesh's planned pantheon of small games that will, in addition to giving you a potentially fun little game to play, will also earn you honor points in iMafia.

If you downloaded iMafia with the same account you are logged into when you buy iShooter (or any of PlayMesh's forthcoming games) you will automatically receive honor points to spend in iMafia. (I don't know if there will be a delay between buying the game and you receipt of honor points, but expect one just to be on the safe side.)

EDIT: Don't buy it yet! I'm in chat with Charles right now, and he's still apparently testing everything out to make sure it works. I'll post when it's safe to download.

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