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Hector: Badge of Carnage Ep. 1 Walkthrough !SPOILERS!

06-11-2010, 04:40 PM
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Hector: Badge of Carnage Ep. 1 Walkthrough !SPOILERS!

Here it is. Search the name of an item if you want to go to that section.

__/== Walkthrough for iPhone/iPod Touch ==\__
by Hippodragon9

[NOTICE]- This guide has permission to be hosted only
by GameFAQs.com, and the TouchArcade forums.
I know where you live.

--Table of Contents--
[NOTICE]- Use ctrl+f and search the following codes to go to that
particular section.

1. [1ntr0]-Introduction
2. [pl4y] - Controls
3. [w4lk1]-Walkthrough Part 1: The Clapheap
a. [c3ll] -Starting Cell
b. [5t4t] -Station Lobby
c. [cl4p] -The Clapheap
[w4lk2]-Walkthrough Part 2: The Demands
4. [l3g4l]-Legal Stuffs and Closing

////[1ntr0]//- Introduction

Hi! I'm hippodragon9. I'll be your guide through Hector Episode 1
today, so please keep you hands and feet inside the vehicle while
we are moving. If you feel like this is too cheaty for you, there
IS an ingame hint system, but you only unlock it at part 2 and it
didn't help me at all. So whatever, I guess. If you have any que-
stions or stuff, email me at samsontenkistry at gmail dot com. I
also won't be talking about dialogue that much, so if you want a
scribe, too bad.
Have fun.

////[pl4y]//- Controls -//

Easy. Slide Hector around to move. Single tap objects to look at them, double tap to interact. Inventory: tap an object, then tap something else to use them together. Double tap an object to examine it or use it with Hector. Simple.

!![NOTICE]!!- For the sake of not pissing me off, double-tapping
on an object will be referred to as "examining". Remember this.


////[c3ll]//- Starting Cell -///
Watch the opening cutscene. You'll wake up in a cell, and the door is locked. And your pants are gone! Great.

Examine the poster on the wall to peel it off. Now examine the hole underneath to get a SPOON. Use the SPOON with the grate on the back wall to pry it open. Examine the grate to get a BOOT. Now examine the BOOT in your inventory to get a SHOESTRING. Examine the foot of the bed and grab the CONDOM underneath. Now use
the CONDOM and SHOESTRING together to get a NET. Use the NET with the toilet and you'll get a PAPERCLIP. Examine the PAPERCLIP to straighten it, and then use it with the door to escape to your freedom. Before you leave, though, pick up the BOTTLE near the toilet.

////[5t4t]//- Station Lobby -//
First of all, fill up the BOTTLE with some coffee from the back wall. Now to steal that street youth's pants.

[NOTICE]- Talk to people by double clicking.

Talk to the youth. Select the second option, then the first to learn he wants to be invicted of a crime or he'll lose his cred. Select the third option now, then "Indecent Exposure", then "Your Trousers" to get some pants. Now go to the street.

////[cl4p]//- The Clapheap -//
Go to the right and give the BOTTLE to the hobo. He'll run off, so grab his MOUTHWASH. While you're here, grab the CROWBAR on the ladder on the back wall. Now go to the left and give the MOUTHWASH to the fat prostitute. Go to the right again and pick up the GARTER. Go back to the lobby. Use the CROWBAR on the key cabinet on the back wall and pick up the KEYS. Use the KEYS with the youth to uncuff him and put him in your inventory. Now go outside and use the KEYS with the Clapheap to learn that it won't start. Examine the front to find that you need to charge the battery and find a new fanbelt. Well, you already have a perfectly good one,
so use the GARTER with the engine to repair the fan. Now go to the left. Use the YOUTH with the old lady to electrify him. Now go back to the Clapheap and use the ELECTRIFIED YOUTH with the engine and complete the repairs. Now just use the KEYS with the Clapheap to start it and head off to the Hostage Situation.

////[w4lk2]//- The Demands -//

[NOTICE]- Since there is no definite structure to the game now, the walkthrough will now be a blob of text with paragraphs every time you switch locations.

Right, now you start actually doing what the title suggests. Select the first option, then the second, then first, second, first, then the third to learn his demands:
1. He wants the clocktower to be repaired.
2. He wants the local porn shop destroyed.
3. He wants you to do whatever the tourist rep wants.

Seems easy enough, right? Now, while you're still here, talk to the guy with a beard. Select the second option, then the fourth to get the TERRORIST FUND... a.k.a. a jar of pocket change. Now, go to the CLOCK TOWER with your map.

Pick up the SYRINGE on the left, and use it with the door to unlock it. Go inside. Talk to the man. Select the third option four times. Then select the first four times to learn he needs a minute hand and a new X. Then go to the Porn Shop.

Go inside and take the LUBE on the counter. Now talk to Filthy Rich and select the second option 4 times. Now go outside and talk to Blind Ali. Select the third option twice, then the fourth to learn he knows the code to the back security door, but won't give it up for free. You need to get him a doll- specifically, the Menage a Moi inside the shop. Go inside and look at the Menage and talk to Rich about it. Then leave and go to the Park.

Once there, give the FUND to the man at the stand to get some MINTS. If you talk to him, you get a "Who Cares" button that has absolutely no use in the game. Now go into the park. Give the MINTS to the kids to make them go away. Pick up the PAINT the one on the left dropped. Use the LUBE with the STATUE and examine it
to get a STAFF. Go to the right and into the bathrooms. Exit them and then go back into, and examine the first stall to learn that to get 25k in cash, you need a "Distinctive Hairstyle" and a red bag. Now examine the junkie in the box to get him in your inventory. Go to the Porn Shop.

Go inside and use the JUNKIE with Filthy Rich to exchange it for the Menage a Moi. Go outside and give it to Ali to learn the code. Now go to the Clock Tower.

Go inside and give the Staff to the old man. Go upstairs now, and get the Drill. Now go down and exit, then come back in. Open the cabinet and grab the JUG. Use the JUG with the moonshine on the right, and then examine the VCR to get a TAPE. Go to the shop.

Go inside and use the TAPE with the VCR on the left shelf. Now go into the security door in the back. Flick the switch on the wall to turn the lasers off and go upstairs. Examine the green poster to open up a secret safe, and grab the WIG inside. Now use the drill with the window to free up the X. Go down to the storefront and pick up the X, and go down into the hatch. Examine the lightbulb on the top wall to blow out the light. Pick up the CABLE. Examine the box on the left, and use the CABLE with the former lightbulb. Now use the MOONSHINE with SUPPORT in the back. Finally, pull the lightswitch, or as the game best puts it, "Demolish Building". 1 demand down, 2 to go. Go to the Clock Tower.

Go inside and up the stairs, and give the X to the old man. Two demands down. After the cutscene, look out the broken window in the back to learn the code to buy stuff from the counterfeiting drummer. Go down and outside, and use the FUND with the drummer. Select the third option to get a HANDBAG. Problem is, it's the wrong color. Use the PAINT with the HANDBAG to paint it red. Now combine the HANDBAG and WIG to get a costume. Now go to the Park.

Go to the last part of the park, the place with the restrooms. Use the COSTUME on yourself, and talk with the guys. There might be multiple ways to get through this, but the fastest way is here.
Use: Second option, third, second, second, first, second, second, fourth, third to get the 25k and trick the gangsters. Now pick up the BRIEFCASE and go to the front of the park. Give it to the Tourist Rep to finish the game.

////[l3g4l]//- Legal -//
Protected under Creative Commons 3.0. You are not allowed to reproduce any part of this guide for financial profit. Basically, you're only allowed to read it. Happy loopholing.


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06-13-2010, 08:15 AM
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Just wanted to say what a good job ya did on this walkthru. But ya DID know that there was already a walkthru in the game already didnt ya? On the Hector site? Been there all along actually. The walkthru there is just as funny as the actual game. Well worth a read thru even if you've already completed the game cause it's THAT good!! Check it out guys!!


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06-15-2010, 03:40 AM
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nice but is it compelet?
06-16-2010, 02:36 PM
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Yeah, it'st to complete the entire thing. Takes about an hour for me.
06-16-2010, 06:40 PM
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thanks alot honey
06-17-2010, 10:43 AM
Thanks for all of the great info! I seem to be having trouble with putting the costume on Hector... I make sure he's at the park (near the toilet stalls) but I can't get him to put it on... the purse and fro are together. Is there another trick??thanks!
06-19-2010, 01:01 PM
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I canít get the junkie into my inventory. If I click once on him hector says 'You remind me of my passport photo' and if I double click he says 'helllllooo? No response. Doped to the eyeballs. At least he's got a nice place to sleep' either way he does not put the junkie into the inventory. What am I doing wrong?
06-19-2010, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by LOJARU View Post
I canít get the junkie into my inventory. If I click once on him hector says 'You remind me of my passport photo' and if I double click he says 'helllllooo? No response. Doped to the eyeballs. At least he's got a nice place to sleep' either way he does not put the junkie into the inventory. What am I doing wrong?
Same here.
06-26-2010, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by thegamerocks06 View Post
Same here.
Sorry for the late reply...
I'm pretty sure you need to go inside the porn shop and look at the Menage first. I'll add it to the walkthrough.
06-26-2010, 11:32 PM
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nice walkthrough, just finished last night, cant wait til ep 2