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App description: Be the ball! Bowl around the richly imaginative six fantasy lanes of the original attraction game: the eerie Classic lane, ancient Rome, an idyllic Forest, rocking High Seas, the streets of San Francisco and the bright night lights of Tokyo.

In addition, this licensed remake features several all-new lanes: the Snowpark lane, the Campfire lane, the Penelope lane, the Mushroom lane, and the Grassy Pier.

Enjoy the scenery, but remember to head for the pins!

Swipe up along the screen to push the bowling ball forward, left and right to roll horizontally, down to push the ball back.

Tip: Sweep along the length of the screen for a more powerful push.

Play 1-4 players in the original Arcade Mode or quick-play with your Game Center account, featuring a leaderboard for each lane and up to sixteen achievements for completing lanes, consecutive strikes and bowling a perfect game!

***** Reviews on the Web *****

MacLife lists HyperBowl as one of the Greatest iPhone Apps of 2009 - "Sure, there are a lot of bowling games for the iPhone, but none of them match the legacy that HyperBowl has. The gameplay feels organic, with its beautiful outdoor themed bowling lanes."

SlapApp says "HyperBowl definitely portrays a retro arcade feel thats consistent with the original, and offers a uniquely different game-play that other traditional bowling apps simply do not offer."

Smartphone Review - "HyperBowl is one wild bowling experience."

SmartAppDevelopers - "Easy to play yet challenging. Great setting design."

HowsMyApp rates HyperBowl 5/5 for Entertainment and Value.

Slide Gamer - "If youre a fan of the original HyperBowl then theres no doubt that youll love this portable version."

iViewApps - "HyperBowl is a 3D bowling app that reinvents the bowling game!"

NineOverTen - "an interesting diversion from typical bowling games on the iPhone"

Unity Insider - "This exotic mixture of parkour and bowling offers everything a casual gamer needs."

My five-year old nephew - "Good!"

***** Game Info *****

Visit the game site http://hyperbowl.io/ more information and the Facebook page http://hyperbowl.rocks/ for the latest news.

HyperBowl is a trademark of Absolute Certainty Inc..

Special thanks to all our fans on the HyperBowl Facebook page for their support and enthusiasm

The HyperBowl Bug Reporting Hall of Fame:

Ischa Bijl, Raymond Chow, Frank Lin, Lien Luong, Adam Pavlakos, Ian Schwabe, Harrison Sotoloff, Elijah Taylor.

Localization assistance provided by Veronique Gauthier (French), Ubinuri (Korean) and Raymond Chow (Chinese).

This version of HyperBowl is built with the original HyperBowl art and sound assets licensed from Hyper Entertainment, the Unity game engine from Unity Technologies, MacXWare FontLibrary, Selected U3D Japanese Font from Masashi Wada, Particle Scaler by Roel Ezendam, Real Flames by BlackFire FX, Lens Flare and Simple Particle Pack by Unity Technologies, Flocks package from soodaq, Finger Gestures by Fatal Frog Software, Localization Manager from M2H Game Studio, and iTween library by Pixel Placement.

Additional iOS functionality provided with the iOSReviewRequest plugin by Adriaan DeJongh and the unimgpicker plugin by Kakera games.

New lanes utilize Mushroom Land from Manufactura 4k, Penelope from Unity Technologies, Campfire Pack from Dreamdev Studios and the Cartoon Snowboard Funpack from Stefan M.

technicat's comments:
HyperBowl now has native support for the iPad.


Here's a recent press release:

Technicat, LLC has announced the latest update of HyperBowl1.6 on the iPhone and iPad, the result of a collaboration between Technicat and Hyper Entertainment, Plc. to bring the original HyperBowl attraction game to mobile platforms.

The attraction version of HyperBowl debuted in the Sony Metreon in 1999 and is still available in venues such as Dave and Buster's. The attraction game features a tall projection screen, 3D fantasy bowling lanes, and a real bowling ball acting as the controller.

After a year of development, HyperBowl 1.0 was released for the iPhone and iPod touch in December of 2009 with the first three HyperBowl lanes - Classic (an eerie otherworldly environment), Rome (art and aqueducts of ancient Rome) and Forest (an idyllic setting). Since then, the original arcade multiplayer mode (1-4 players) has been added along with support for the Scoreloop social gaming network.

Soon after the iPad was launched in April, HyperBowl 1.5 was released as a universal app with native support for the iPhone and iPad, including full-screen iPad support. The latest release, HyperBowl 1.6, takes advantage of the powerful iPad processor by adding as iPad-only content the fourth HyperBowl lane, High Seas, a physics-intensive environment which features a rocking ship as the bowling platform.

HyperBowl Features:
* The first four HyperBowl lanes, Classic, Rome, Forest, and High Seas (High Seas is iPad-only)
* Art and sound from the original game
* Full-screen native resolution on the iPad
* Unique touch screen swiping controls that emulate the original bowling ball control
* Play up to four-person multiplayer in the arcade mode
* Integration with the Scoreloop social gaming network

HyperBowl on the iPhone and iPad is implemented with the popular Unity iPhone game engine but retains the art and audio assets from the HyperBowl attraction and stays faithful to the look and feel of the original game, as attested to by reviewers:

HyperBowl is one of MacLife's 100 Greatest iPhone Apps of 2009 - "Sure, there are a lot of bowling games for the iPhone, but none of them match the legacy that hyperbowl has. The gameplay feels organic, with its beautiful outdoor themed bowling lanes."

SlapApp - "hyperbowl definitely portrays a retro arcade feel that's consistent with the original, and offers a uniquely different game-play that other traditional bowling apps simply do not offer."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
* 24.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
HyperBowl 1.6 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Located in Huntington Beach, CA, Technicat, LLC was founded in 2004 by Phil Chu. Technicat provides software consulting services and self-publishes games under the brand Fugu Games. All Material and Software (C) 2010 Technicat, LLC / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, the iPod logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. HyperBowl is a registered trademark of Hyper Entertainment, Plc.
06-12-2010, 06:58 AM
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Are you sure the ball can't have a shadow?

Especially with the power of the iPad, realtime shadowing shouldn't be an issue,

If this game didn't have the ugliest, most hideously nasty icon, I may have already purchased it.
Change that generic mess
06-22-2010, 12:57 PM
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Here's a properly embedded iTunes link (mrbass set me straight)

08-04-2010, 01:03 AM
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YouTube videos

Here's a promo video for HyperBowl made by SlapApp:


and an HD variation on my own account:

07-13-2014, 03:12 AM
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Got a code from a while back, here are some quick impressions. I am not really familiar with the origins of this game. However, once I started playing it, it reminded me of the bowling arcade games that had a roller ball as the controler. I am not a ios bowling expert so I am not the best to review this game. I do like how you can control the movement of the ball with swiping it forward over and over again to get more momentum or the direction of the bowling ball , I am not sure how many times it has been done on ios. You can play in different locations with some differences in how you play it. Overall, I don't think this game really sticks out as a must have game, maybe only to bowling junkies that a thing for nostalgia.
07-13-2014, 12:28 PM
Thanks for reviewing! As far as I can tell, I'm the only one using this type of touchscreen control for a bowling game (for HyperBowl, and a test app called Fugu Bowl which actually is still my most downloaded app for some reason). I tried to have a control similar to the original HyperBowl arcade/attraction game (I worked on that game for Hyper Entertainment way back in 2001 and they licensed it to me for a Unity version a few years ago) that was controlled by an air-supported bowling ball operated like a huge trackball. T his might be the arcade game you're thinking of - it's still available in some Dave and Busters locations - running on Windows 95!