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iPad: Peppers The Game (Update ready, now $0.99!!!)

06-13-2010, 08:02 AM
Peppers The Game (Update ready, now $0.99!!!)

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Our update has been approved by Apple. Peppers is ON SALE for $0.99! This sale will end on Jun 21st so get it now before it is too late.

Please leave some feedback and let us know you think about this update.

Promo codes are available for those willing to leave a review, please send PM.

More info: www.peppersthegame.com

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06-13-2010, 08:27 AM
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Looks good. Glad it's universal. Sent a pm, will gladly review it

06-13-2010, 03:55 PM
Pretty sad guys!

I have promo codes, since this morning I got 5 PM's for promo codes. I thought this was a gaming site.
06-13-2010, 04:19 PM
I would like to try this out please..

06-13-2010, 04:45 PM
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Well I've enjoyed playing this, bit like bejewelled and gets surprisingly hectic at times. Well made and enjoy the in game music, haven't tried all the variations yet but I'm sure they'll be as good as the first.

Do like a good puzzle game, highly recommended.
06-14-2010, 06:18 AM
So what do you guys think about the new update? We still have promo codes available, all you have to do is send a personal message (PM) and hopefully do us a favor and leave a simple review.
06-16-2010, 09:28 PM
I have gotten a few questions from some users, here are a few notes you may find helpful:

1. There are four games -- On Fire, Hot Stuff, Inferno, and Mild Matches. The later two are found by hitting "More Games". Some have suggested changing this and I will address it in our next update.

2. While in any given game, don't be afraid to hit the "Menu" button, it will pause your game, and from there you can check out the built in "Help" menu, adjust the Volume, check your Game Stats, Save & Exit, or Quit the current game.

3. If you want to "Cheat", you can touch the lower left, "Next Level" region and get some basic Game Info and there you will find a "Cheat" button. When in cheat mode you will not be rewarded for your high score. When in "Cheat" mode, the next level will always be unlocked so there is no need to score enough points to progress to the next level.

Below is some more info you can find on the games web site, www.peppersthegame.com

On Fire:

Unlike traditional match-three games in which only two game pieces swap places, in ‘Peppers’ entire rows and columns are moved to match three or more peppers. Once three or more matching peppers are lined up they, along with any adjacent peppers, will begin to shake.

Continue moving rows and columns to get as many peppers shaking. Score big points by matching as many peppers as possible. Keep in mind peppers adjacent to any shaking pepper will also begin to shake. Rows and columns with any shaking peppers can still be moved around as long as the move results in one or more peppers shaking

In every other level there will be a ‘locked’ pepper. A row with a locked pepper cannot be moved up or down, likewise, a column with a locked pepper cannot be moved left or right. Score extra points by removing locked peppers. Once satisfied, press the ‘Fire’ button.

Hot Stuff:

Much like ‘On Fire’ entire rows and columns are moved to match three or more peppers. Once three or more matching peppers are lined up they, along with any adjacent peppers will immediately be removed from the game board.


Inferno is our latest twist on the classic match-three gaming experience. In 'Inferno', you will choose which column to launch the pepper on deck into. Any peppers matchin this pepper will be removed from the game board. Locked peppers can only be removed after matching three or more peppers after the pepper has been launched.

'Inferno' requires a little more strategizing if your goal is to maximize your score. The best advice we can give is to carefully study the game board, and strategically lauch each pepper into a column that will in turn cause other peppers to line up.

Mild Matches:

In this game rows and columns are not moved. To play, simply touch two or more matching peppers to make them shake. Once shaking, either touch them once more to remove them or touch two or more different matching peppers.

Game Hints:

Look at begining and ending of each column, many times three or more matches could be found simply by moving the column left or right. The same goes for each row, if there are two matching pepper at the bottom of the row and one at the top, just move that row.

Strategically move rows and columns around to group as many peppers as possible to score really big points.

A row or column with a locked pepper cannot be moved, however, you can score some extra points by removing peppers from the game board.
06-27-2010, 08:57 AM
New update coming soon...

We are still waiting word on our recently submitted update. It contains a few changes:

* Added iOS 4 multi-tasking support.
* Improved the Game Menu.
* Changed an orange pepper to red.
* Created a new game icon.

We have also submitted a brand new "Lite" version. I am convinced once you play the game you will be hooked. Hopefully this will help with sales and get some more coverage, who know maybe it will be on the "Whats New" page of the AppStore.

By the way what do you think if the new icon?

Click image for larger version

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I also got around to updating the screen shots in the AppStore so be sure to check it out.

07-02-2010, 08:07 AM
We just updated our website and added two new videos.

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We just updated our website, http://www.peppersthegame.com so please check out the new screenshots and videos.

We also posted the new videos on you tube:



The video features the new menu screen found in Version 2.6 which hopefully Apple will get around to approving shortly.
07-02-2010, 01:05 PM
Having purchased this game last week, I highly recommend it. It is more than worth the $.99 it is currently priced at. The graphics are very polished as is the game play. There are plenty of different play modes to keep you interested. Yes, this is just a variation on match three games, but it has a fresh feel to it and is well worth it.

With a lite version being posted, it is definitely a game to try. I am very happy that I went ahead and purchased it, though. I wish I could get this kind of quality from all of the games that I have purchased, many times for quite a bit more money.