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App description: **** TARGET TAKEDOWN ****

You are a new army recruit with eyes on the top job. To reach the heady ranks of Colonel, you will first need to prove yourself on the target range.

***** Features *****

Six difficulty levels.

2 modes of play, best time or highest score.

Each mode has its own career and practice mode, giving you two games in one.

Ammo top up.

Auto fire bonus.

Infinite game time if you are good enough.

Kevin Macleod Soundtrack.

**** How to Play ****

Simply touch the targets as they appear on the screen, see simple. Oh, watch out for bombs, they will either take a life or 100 points.

You will need to be careful with your ammo, you get 50 bullets, but if you can hit the ammo icon when it appears then you'll get an extra 30 bullets.

Also features an auto fire bonus, touch the auto fire icon when it appears and you will earn 1 auto-fire. Auto-fires last 5 seconds and automatically shoot whats on the screen, whether its a bomb, ammo, target or another auto-fire. Auto-fires can be accumalated for use later in the game.

To activate you need to touch the auto-fire button in the bottom left of the game screen. A number on the button indicates how many you have.

For help on the different game modes, touch the white (i) icon on the top right of the screen.

gazjm's comments:
Heres a link to my new game, target takedown, there are some promo codes in the promo code forum.


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Thanks for the added link. I didn't know how to do that.