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App description: "A solid top view platformer with fun graphics and gameplay"
Now with unlockable minigames!
Choose Joystick or Touch to Move gameplay
Three Zones, Three playable buggies
A fun original adventure for any age

New England Gamer's comments:
Platformer fever continues to rage. This one looks a bit different.

06-19-2010, 01:28 AM
I guess I'm too slow!

06-19-2010, 07:52 AM
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Compared to others I was actually pretty slow in making a thread!

I did go ahead and try this out. I am hesitant calling it a platformer - at least in the traditional sense. You are a bug that has to collect leaves. The leaves are scattered around a platform (ha ha I get it - platformer) that you can't fall off of. Picture it a floating board. On the board are some obstacles - some electric spinners, I came across another bug finally, some holes to fall through. When you collect the bugs an exit opens up. All this must be accomplished in the time frame. At the end of the level you are given a choice to move on, try again, or go to the main menu.

At the main menu there is an option for continue, new or minigames and tropies. I unlocked one mini game so far but haven't played it yet (just having discovered it). I unlocked two trophies but no idea how. Some kind of pop up would be great - "you just unlocked the ____ mini game!" Or the requirements for getting my green and I can't remember what other color trophy.

You also can't replay a level unless you do it at that instant moment. The only way I have found that you can tell where you are in the game is via the trophies. The three that DO list why you would get that achievement are the three that you receive for completing areas.

I would like to see a level select, some explanation of achievements, and stop please the annoying loop of music! It's not that the music is annoying its just that if you press ANY button at all, ANY, it starts from the start. You could have heard 3 seconds of it and press a button, boom it starts over. Just annoying so maybe that is me.

I have used the joystick control and it has worked perfectly.

And it definitely isn't a platfomer in the sense of get from point a to b over these obstacles, jumping, shooting or taking out enemies. Yes the bug travels ON a platform, but wasn't sure that that would define it as a platformer. While it is fun, I actually bought it thinking it WAS a true platformer so I was disappointed.
06-19-2010, 12:01 PM
Cool, Thanks for taking the time to give some info on it!

I always appreciate good feedback!

One thing though, there is a level select?
You unlock each level as you go. 10 levels in each zone.
When you touch start it takes you to level select.
Continue puts you back in to the last level played.

I am always open to suggestions. Thats the nice thing about downloadable games is they can be "patched"

thanks again!
06-19-2010, 12:34 PM
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Ok that should be made clearer as most games that I play if you hit "start" it makes you start over again. Continue is how you just get to the last level played.

So other than some work on the menus, selection screens, trophy explanations, and some pop ups when you get a trophy it's a cute fun game!