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App description: Fade is a deceptively simple and highly addictive casual game. Fade combines the freedom of placing tiles anywhere on the board with a brain teasing number based removal. If your tired of the same old tile matching and bubble busting games your ready for Fade.

* Tiles may be placed on any open space on the a 7 by 7 grid.
* Features 8 different tile types.
* New tiles are introduced as you progress to new levels.
* Starts out easy and gradually increases in difficulty.
* Native support for iPad.
* Great for all ages.
* 4 Modes of game play.

Game Modes:
Classic The basic game with a slow progression of difficulty.

Rush Timed mode with only 5 seconds to make a drop decision. Difficulty starts out harder and progresses in difficulty more quickly than Classic mode.

Epic Fail Try to fill the board in this quick playing anti-Fade variant. It uses the same rules as Classic except you are trying to fill the board. Try to make the Low Score board in this challenging twist.

Expert - 9 New tiles and a difficult game play. Can you reach higher levels and Fade the new tiles?

How to Play:

Drop tiles into the play area to create groups of consecutive tiles in either vertical or horizontal direction. When the number on a tile matches the number of tiles in either its vertical or horizontal group the tile fades away and is scored.

Some special tiles only fade if they match the group in one direction (vertical or horizontal). Others require special arrangement of tiles to unlock the tile and reveal its hidden number.

Be careful where you place tiles because some combinations can never be faded off the board. Once you run out of available spaces to drop tiles the game is over.

Fading tiles can lead to new group sizes that causes other tiles to fade as well. Start off long chain reactions to score big scoring multipliers.

Fading tiles that belong to multiple groups scores bonus points.

Additional large bonus and level up awarded for clearing the board.

Download and play Fade today for endless hours of challenge and enjoyment.

pluto6's comments:
This one could be very interesting - a video would be wonderful, or more information if anyone knows more about this game....

06-20-2010, 12:09 AM
Would love to see more information on this too!

06-20-2010, 03:26 PM
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Fade Information

Hi all,

I'm one of the developers of this game so I thought I would try to provide some additional information.

Before we get a bunch a flaming posts, I would like to say we have identified an issue that causes problems with some iPod touch devices. Many thanks to those who have reported the issue. We should have the fix submitted today so the updated version can be downloaded as soon as Apple approves. If you are one of the folks that downloaded the game for an iPod and had trouble, we are extremely sorry for your difficulties and will get you playing the game as soon as the approval process allows. We have no reported issues on iPhone devices.

The game play is very simple. The user drops tiles into a 7x7 grid to create groups of consecutive tiles in a row or column. Tiles are removed and scored when the number on the tile matches the size of the group.

As you play additional tiles are introduced. For example, tiles with either vertical or horizontal bars on them can only be removed by a matching sized group in that direction.

Soon the game introduces quad tiles (they have four grey blocks on them). Quad tiles are the first example of a special group tile. These tiles are actually hidden number tiles. To unlock them and reveal the numbers they hide you must arrange 4 quad tiles in a square next to each other.

Finally, four variety of tri-tiles are introduced (they have three grey blocks arranged in various configurations). Trio tile are also hidden number tiles. To unlock them and reveal the number tiles they hide you must arrange three of them in an orientation that matches the orientation shown on the tile.

There are several ways to score bonus points.

Two Group Bonus A tile that fades when it is a matching member of two groups scores double. This works for both regular numbered tiles and special tiles like quad and tri tiles.

Multi Group Bonus It is possible to fade a quad tile that completes several quad groups, it scores once for each group.

Chain Bonus When a tile fades, groups around it change in size. This often results in additional fading of tiles. Each time this happens a chain multiplier increases. When the chain completes, a bonus is awarded so that the total score of the chain is the sum of all the tile scores times the multiplier.

Board Cleared Bonus If you can clear the board completely you earn an immediate board cleared bonus that will advance you to the next level. The value of this bonus depends on the current level.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the interest in our game.
06-20-2010, 04:52 PM
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Will you be releasing a lite version?
06-20-2010, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by kie View Post
Will you be releasing a lite version?
Yes, a lite version that allows you to try the first 6 levels is pending Apple approval.

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06-22-2010, 10:09 AM
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Game Temporarily Removed from Sale

This game has been removed from sale until the new version can be posted. The original version hung due to a openGL issue with older iPods. The problem has been corrected but the game was removed from sale to avoid frustration for people with the issue.

I'll post once its available again. Thanks for the interest in the game.
06-22-2010, 11:10 AM
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This looks really interesting. Can't wait for it drop (again).

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07-01-2010, 10:03 PM
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Version 1.2 is finally out!!!

The new version hit the Apple's App Store today. This version fixes the issue with older iPhone/iPod that caused the game to hang on loading. It also adds some updated graphics and HD support for the iPad.

We are busy planning additional free updates that will add new features to the game. In the meantime we hope you all enjoy the game.

Again we sincerely apologize to anyone who had problems with version 1.0. Some issues with our account caused a delay in getting our original fix actually listed, but that gave us a chance to submit v1.2 once our account issues were resolved. We hope you all enjoy the game.
07-09-2010, 04:48 PM
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Fade v1.4 Released Today!!

The new version of Fade is out today. It includes several bug fixes.

We are hard at work on version 1.5. It will include two new game variants "Rush" and "Epic Fail".

Hope you all enjoy the new version.

What's New In Version 1.4
Version 1.4 of Fade includes:

* Fixed a bug in the high score table
* Fixed a bug in the tile undo operation
* Fixed the high score saving routine

Previous features and bug fixes include:

Version 1.3:
* Better support for IOS4

Version 1.2:
* Native iPad support in HD
* Enhanced graphic effects on tiles
* Added level up animation
* Increased tile size for easier gameplay
* Added level up progress bar

Version 1.1
* Fixed opengl texture image size limitation
07-18-2010, 10:32 AM
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Fade Lite Rejected

I know I previously posted that we would release a Lite version. We still hope to do this. After much delay we received word our Lite version has been rejected. Apparently it was a bit too Lite. I guess we will have to add some weight to it. We will let folks know when we are able to address all of Apple's requests and are allowed to post our Lite version.

For those playing Fade. Drop us a line at support if you have requested features and the like. We want to keep our customers happy. We are working on new game modes but would love additional ideas.