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App description: ** This is the lo-res version **
Get the much improved Universal BuildnBash3D. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/buildnbash3d/id408395286?ls=1&mt=8

Build 'n Bash is a fast-paced 3D action puzzle game where players Build buildings from falling beams and Bash their opponents all at the same time. You also get to demolish their buildings and watch them crumble to the ground!

*** Featured by Apple in Games > New and Noteworthy (7/3/2010) ***

"Bash n Build not only starts out with a unique game play but also manages to pull it off quite well."(5/5) - iPhone Footprint

"With its insanely fast paced action and detailed graphics, Build-n-Bash makes a great game" (4/5) - Simple-Reviews

"Id have to say that the game is definitely something a little different to the other games in the AppStore and if you want to try something new, then this is one you should take a look at." - RazorianFly

"Build N Bash was clearly designed for the iDevice and works near flawlessly on the platform, providing an experience like none other. All puzzle fans should own this game." - appVersity

Choose from 3 game modes:
TIME CHALLENGE - get on the leaderboard with the best build times.
CHARACTER CHALLENGE - battle against 8 separate opponents.
GROUP CHALLENGE - battle against up to 4 opponents at once.
Defend incoming attacks while launching your own.
Speed Round - fast and furious non-stop beam drop.
Rotate building scene 360 degrees.
Innovative 3D puzzle play with stunning explosions and particle effects.
Unlock various attacks from a wrecking ball to a fire ball.
Multiple building types to select and construct.
Leaderboard for career points and best build times.

Game Demo:

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New England Gamer's comments:

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06-24-2010, 03:22 PM
This is a really fun and polished game. It mixes a bit of Tetris with a bit of Jenga (sort of), and adds a competitive component and decent 3D graphics. It has several game modes and different AI opponents each with their own powers, which adds tons of variety to the gameplay. It runs smoothly and controls well on my 3Gs. It evens has a well thought out tutorial to get you started.

Leaderboards are local right now, but they're promising online ones with Apple's game network. The game seems natural for multiplayer, but so far that doesn't seem to be in the works. Still, at 1.99 I would say it's a good deal, particularly for those who enjoy action-oriented and competitive puzzle games.

Found some video:

Youtube link | Pop Up

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07-02-2010, 04:16 PM
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You're right on the money with multiplayer @squarezero!
It's definitely on our radar.! Our original prototype for the PC had multiplayer and it was a hit with our testers.

We have many priorities (iOS4, iPad/Universal, Lite version, other mobile platforms, etc.) on our list right now that we will be attacking soon.

Thanks for your write up!