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App description: Crazy Traffic CRASHED takes puzzle games to a new level!
Control traffic of the most famous cities across the world in 4 engaging game modes, including the new CRASHED mode, in an original game that will challenge your intelligence and reflexes.

Tap on the crossroads to switch traffic lights and direct vehicles accordingly, remove hazardous water and ice on the way, all the while as you pay attention to road hogs. If something goes wrong... CRASH! There might be an accident, its up to you to arrange the situation and restore it back to normal.

New game features in Crazy Traffic CRASHED!
CRASHES: be careful to the turning signs of cars near crossroads, if you switch the traffic with the wrong timing you can cause a crash. Mend it as quick as possible and clear the road, or an explosion might happen!
ROAD HOGS: stop road hogs that dont wait at traffic lights before they cause a crash.
FLOODS: when it rains floods might occur, its up to you keeping the road clear from water so that traffic doesnt stop.
ICE: when the temperature takes a dip, slabs of ice may form on the road, break them before cars start sliding off road.

Four game modes available for each map:
SURVIVAL: make traffic go without it stopping at rush hour, until time runs out.
CRASHED: some traffic lights are disabled! Can you avoid a catastrophical scenario before they reactivate?
PUZZLE: one of the most appreciated modes in the first Crazy Traffic makes a comeback! Restore regular traffic after an impossible traffic jam.
FREESTYLE: play in total relax with no limits.

Play in 30 cities all over the world, manage traffic with a sight of the most important landmarks and be careful in countries with left-hand drive!
Maps may be played in night mode, with rain or even snow.
Obtain dozens of medals as you achieve new goals during your playthrough, for an even more exciting experience.

*** Try the original Crazy Traffic game, now free on the App Store***

LordGek's comments:
It's back and better and now in THREE flavors!

Crazy Traffic (Free now that the sequel was released)

Crazy Traffic: Crashed ($1.99 with many more cities and modes)

Crazy Traffic: Crashed XL ($1.99 same as the last but nicely scaled to iPad)

Here is the Appinfo to the latest iPad version:

Probably now the best of the traffic light games as it has the four modes for 30 different cities and NOW (as of the last update) randomized traffic patterns (something we all know is IMPERATIVE to Lord Gek).
06-28-2010, 12:19 AM
That icon rocks, but its misleading, i kinda thought this was gonna be a 3D Crazy Taxi-esque game, but alas, it is not.

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06-28-2010, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Vinyl Darhma View Post
That icon rocks, but its misleading, i kinda thought this was gonna be a 3D Crazy Taxi-esque game, but alas, it is not.
True, while the icon is sexy they should show an intersection with vehicles all heading toward it from multiple angles at full speed.

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