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App description: Confront your friends face-to-face in a unique game combining tennis and brick breaking.
Score as many goals as possible against your opponent by getting through the brick wall by any possible means. Get ready for some dynamic aquatic battles! Destroy the glass bricks to free the fish and take their powers.

With HD graphics in a cool aquatic theme and 100 levels to unlock, this could be the definitive iPad breakout game. TouchMyApp
Review: 4/5 Addicting is one word to describe the single player mode, but the single player mode is nowhere near as fun as beating your friend in two player. - iPhoneGamerBlog
An arcade game with a unique aquatic ambiance and high resolution graphics to make the most of your iPad. Pocket Gamers
Review: 4/5 We think thats great value and envisage getting many hours of enjoyment from this, as the single player game is equally as good as the two-player game. - iPhoneFreaks

3 game modes:
- With 2 players, battle against each other or play in cooperative mode. Pass as many levels as possible by playing in teams.
- In single player mode, confront the computer with its adjustable difficulty mode.

100 levels to unlock, offering many hours of gameplay.

Unlock all the bronze, silver and gold medals for each level and surprise your friends on Facebook by posting your score directly from your iPad to your Facebook wall.

12 bonus fishes: big racket, multi-balls, big ball, defense wall, etc. You can also make things difficult for your opponent by shrinking or slitting their racket, shooting a missile, etc.

Trigger the Mega Power Ball and destroy everything that gets in your way!

An arcade game with a unique aquatic ambiance and high resolution graphics to make the most of your iPad.

Confront your friends at your own pace in 1, 3 or 5-minute matches.

Possibility to invert the buttons to make playing easier for left-handed players.

Rediscover the exciting ambiance of arcade game tables of the 80s!

goiMot's comments:

07-01-2010, 08:25 PM
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I picked this game up on BazookaTime's recommendation and it's a crisp fun and polished multiplayer game. It's like a super combination of breakout and pong.

I just played a bit more an actually it's a fantastic game. Buy it NOW !!!

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07-01-2010, 08:29 PM
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This is a very good two player game.
07-13-2010, 11:25 AM
Joined: Jun 2010
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I didn't quote this thread so had to discover this game through another source.

I agree with other posts it's a very fun game, probably even more in multi player mode I didn't tried.

But I would like to highlight that even the single player mode is very fun.

Overall very fun but and I like a lot but there's some negative points, at least in single player mode:
  • You can activate some powerup but they are at bottom and you tend activate them by error and not on purpose.
  • There's a special ball not stopped by bricks and that also destroy unbreakable bricks. This ball isn't level dependent but is a power activated from a power bar filled by the number of bricks destroyed. The problem is at each level as the game progress multiple balls like that have destroy all unbreakable bricks and at this point each level look the same. Bricks are reset when there's no more bricks but if nobody destroy the last brick most levels end similarly. Too bad this special ball power ends to be a bad idea.
  • In single player mode the IA is a key element. But instead of having personalities it's just a cursor bar setting the IA strength, from 1 to 100.
  • I don't know yet what worth fully the IA. For now I only raised it to 60% from 30% initial setup. The AI mimic rather well a more or less skilled player but I felt it wasn't as good from a tactical point of view.

Ha well I like whining, very cool game anyway.

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07-16-2010, 01:05 PM
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it's FREE now (was $4.99), part of FAAD.
07-16-2010, 01:05 PM
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07-16-2010, 01:15 PM
Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 1,609
Get it asap, don't let you influenced by first two posts, the single player gameplay isn't perfect but is very good and very fun. Don't forget to increase AI strength if you feel the game too easy in single player mode.

Also I checked faad and the app isn't reference so hurry before the possible error is corrected.