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iPhone: Supermarket Mania my review

02-27-2009, 06:05 PM
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Supermarket Mania my review

Supermarket Mania $2 50 levels.
Looked great in the screenshots after playing first 5 levels though I was really concerned if I bought a stinker since it was so freaking easy. Premise seems simple enough just keep your cart filled to refill any shelf item which is precisely what worried me since didn't seem to have enough depth in decisions to be made. Customers show you what they are thinking of buying so you can make an informed decision where you should prioritize your restocking efforts. I did finally fail a level at 2-12 as it does ramp up with things to be concerned about.

Supermarket Mania you play as Nikki as a supermarket stocker. You open and are given a very small time frame to stock just a few shelves before customers come pouring in. If they have to wait too long a circle face by their head turns green, yellow, then red pissed off mode, then leave the store altogether if item isn't stocked. Nikki is responsible for keeping shelfs stocked with fruits, fish, meat, ice cream, etc. Each level there is a main goal like reach X amount of profibility and a secondary goal such as don't lose X amount of customers for instance. Grandma's are patient, yuppies ..crap forgot what yuppies do. Teenagers suck as they run around tossing trash which you need to clean up. All types have various preferences for certain types of food. You are given a security guard that you tap on to whistle at them to get them to knock it off for a bit. Wish you would see him run around cuffing those runts but he just whistles. Maybe he does for shoplifters though but I haven't gotten there yet so no idea. Upgrade area you can increase price of items by 10% for around $1,200 to $1,500. $2,000 Nikki stocks cart in storehouse twice as fast. $7,500 fills shelves twice as fast. $10,000 cart fills seven shelves instead of 5. Buy a gumball machine and keep it filled and all customers will buy some gum for additional profit. Ok now only about 35 more levels to go.

I only have Diner Dash, Sally's Salon, Daycare Nightmare, and tried demo of Chocolate Frenzy. Cake Mania 3 I skipped since I have 1 and 2 on DS plus I heard it's way too hard. Definitely say Sally's Salon for $1 is my favorite by a mile. Supermarket Mania I'd think is more duable to pass than say Cake Mania 3 which is aimed at the hardcore time management freakoids.
02-27-2009, 06:48 PM
Thanks for the review!
03-01-2009, 08:54 AM
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i would recommend you pick up airport mania too then
03-01-2009, 01:04 PM
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Yep got airport mania that came out the 3 days after I believe supermarket mania did.
03-01-2009, 01:08 PM
I LOVE these games and can't wait for more!