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  • Publisher: SoftGames
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 14.5 MB
  • Version: 1.1
  • Price: $2.99
  • Average User Rating: 5 (1)
App description: ONLY $0.99 - HOLIDAYS SALE
Have you ever imagined holding an air hockey table in your hands? Have you actually held such a table? Now you can do it with Air Hockey Extreme!

This game has standard air hockey rules, approved by USAA and other world air hockey associations. Just in few words: you have a mallet, try to hit the puck using your mallet and score opponent's target, remember to defend your target. You can't touch opponent's mallet or cross table half line. Score 7 times to win. Keep that in your head and you'll master playing air hockey!

Air Hockey Extreme! provides following features:
built universally for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad
two game modes: vs another player and vs AI
three different AI difficulty levels
realistic in-game sounds (including unique "boo!", read about it below)
gorgeous in-game music produced by DJs Tapolsky and Purple Unit
instant pause

iPad compatibility:
This is iPhone and iPad native app. You get 2x larger experience for the same price

Two game modes:
Switching between game modes was never so simple! Just grab a AI's red mallet to play vs another player. Release red mallet and wait for 3 seconds to return it back to AI. By default, you play vs AI.

AI difficulty levels:
Each of it features different reaction speed and movement trajectory. Try to beat hard AI level, it's really tough!

Realistic in-game sounds:
We made very realistic atmosphere of the game. Besides standard collision sounds you can hear happy "Yeaaah!" when you score and "Ooooh!" when puck flies out of the table (Didn't we say that? It's realistic!). You can also triple tap on the table to launch "Boo!" sound - useful for telling your opponent about his bad game :)

Gorgeous in-game music:
Ukrainian drum-and-bass DJs and producers Tapolsky and Purple Unit made awesome music theme for the game. We will add more background music in the next update!

Instant pause:
Touch a table with 3 fingers to launch pause menu.

Please follow @airhockeyxtreme on Twitter to get latest updates and notifications.
Good luck! Beat 'em all!

zyafa's comments:
Hi guys!
You are now able to hold air hockey table in your hands! My game called Air Hockey Extreme! is already in App Store and is available for only $0.99.

[iTunes Link]
will be available in US store soon

Here are the key features:
- two-player mode or "vs. AI" mode (just grab a mallet to play with your friend or drop a mallet and AI will continue playing in 3 seconds)
- amazingly realistic physics (in fact, we spent much time and a lot of money playing real air hockey game to reproduce such physics in the game)
- real air hockey sounds (people shouting "Yeaaaa!" when you score, "Ooooh!" when puck flies out of the table, or "Boo!" when you tap table 3 times)
- 3 AI difficulty levels (each of it has unique movement speed and trajectory)
- background music produced specially for this game (8bit-like drum-and-bass by DJs Tapolsky and Purple Unit)
- works smooth on all iPhoneOS-based devices including so old iPhone 2G (I used it for development so you can be sure about this )

Game is built universally for iPhone and iPad, so you get 2-in-1 for just $0.99 Beleive me, playing this game on iPad is one of the best iPad usage experiences

Here is youtube demo of how it runs in iPhone Simulator (it's kinda not so smooth on this video but you should give a try on real device ):



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Finally it's available in all stores: