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App description: A Gizmodo Best App of the Week.

#4 Arcade Game in the US, Top 10 Arcade Game in 19 countries!

Don't be fooled, DreamScape is not just another boring bubble popping game. If you like competition and challenging strategy, jump in! Make sure you read the secret help tips to know how to score big! !

- Gizmodo: "Popping bubbles is incredibly satisfying"

- Bensbargain.net: "Popping bubbles is fun, but making a game out of it with an online high score counter is just plain addictive."

- Treehugger.com: "Gorgeous iPhone Game Plants Trees For Top Scores"

- Knowyourmobile.com: "To make matters more interesting, combo shots can be achieved by lining up bubbles, and items can help your scores go from flop, to cream of the crop"

Jump into a thrilling world of blasting bubbles before time runs out while you carefully choose your shot the best combo shot can get up to 127M in one shot.

Blast the Super Boosts, Double Ups, Da Bombs and Ultras for a high-speed, high-scoring, explosive thrill! Watch out for Toxic bubbles that kill you instantly.

Be smart, be sharp, be focused, be the highest All Star! What a trip!

An exhilarating mix of speeding bubbles, challenging strategy and dramatic photography, DreamScape spins you on a fantastic journey across Earth and to Outer Space with stunning images from world-renowned photographer Marc Adamus, and gorgeous vistas of stars, nebulae, galaxies and more.

Score big as you blast bubble combos that whirl and collide beneath your fingers get in the Daily Top 10 scores and become a DreamScape All Star. Each time you achieve a Daily Top 10 score, you receive another star on the All Star scoreboard. All Stars are special players that are a force for good. Find out how at http://www.dreamscapesite.com.

*****Strategic moves help you get your highest score*****

* Combos: Line up bubbles for massive points
* Double Ups: Boost your score by doubling bubble values exponentially until you miss.
* Super Boosts: Increase your score 10x per bubble with a high-speed, high-scoring thrill
* Da Bomb: explode everything around you including Toxic bubbles!
* Ultra: He is a shifty guy - tricky to hit, but worth tons of points.
* Toxic: Dont hit it or game over!
* Pop enough bubbles before time runs out to move to the next level!
*****Compete for high scores and be an All Star every day*****
* Daily Top 10 players get All Star rankings
* Scoreboards for Local Top Scores, Daily Top 10, All-Time Top 100, and Top All Stars

****Infinite challenging levels of play with changing gorgeous backgrounds*****

*****Be a Force for Good!*****
All Star players are special players doing good deeds by playing! Find out how at http://www.dreamscapesite.com!

*****Find us on Facebook*****
Be a DreamScape fan! http://www.facebook.com/dreamscapegame

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