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iPad: Monstroball (bball) (now FREE)

07-09-2010, 12:31 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
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Monstroball (bball) (now FREE)

Improved physics, compared with a crazy basketball HD!

☆MONSTROBALL gives you a fun and different way to play basketball a using physics engine. The Best Pocket Basketboll 2010! Just Fun and Simple☆

MONSTROBALL have a physical engine, interesting backgrounds and dozens of achievements.You will enjoy original music!

☆Intuitive touch-screen controls are easy to pick up and play for the whole family.
☆Unlimited Gameplay and entertaining free updates!

*Online and offline high-scores, competition system for your friends or other players
*Realistic physical engine
*Dozens of achievement and 1000 OpenFeint points.
*Captivating Gameplay for every age
*Send your high-score at Facebook and Twitter

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07-09-2010, 03:08 PM
Joined: Jun 2010
Location: Milwaukee, WI
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PM sent - keeping my fingers crossed I sent it on time !

07-09-2010, 04:42 PM
Joined: Jan 2010
Location: Michigan
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Thanks for the code. This game is HARD! Even on the easy setting, I only managed to score about 1800 points. I was pretty decent at Crazy Basketball, but this version seems like a step up in the difficulty department. And, other than the theme, I don't really see this as much different from Crazy Basketball, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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07-09-2010, 05:37 PM
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I hope I'm not too late. PM sent.
07-09-2010, 05:37 PM
Joined: Dec 2009
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Pm sent!

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07-09-2010, 06:39 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 485
14 codes there.. (no more)
07-09-2010, 08:45 PM
Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 5,079
Thanks for the code, already No 2 on the leaderboards (Normal and Hard) , and yes it's more difficult than Crazy Basketball. Lots of fun.
07-09-2010, 08:49 PM
Joined: May 2010
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Used 79XP6M9MRKYP, thanks!

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07-10-2010, 07:29 AM
Joined: Jul 2010
Location: Colorado
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Fun simple game. Doesn't have much depth, just shooting the basketball to get points before the timer runs out. It is fairly hard, like others have said, but you get used to the feel of it and start making the shots more frequently after a while.
07-19-2010, 08:29 PM
Joined: Dec 2009
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Does that mean Flying Brothers HD is coming out soon? *fingers crossed*

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