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What is Captains Fury?
Captains fury is a lighthearted yet fanatic and exciting platform shooter set in naval warfare.

As a captain of a battleship charged with a crucial mission to exterminate a terrorist organization in the high sea, the players will find themselves to be not only using vigorously precise attack regiments to eliminate all threats as quickly as possible, but also dodging showers of enemy fire to preserve their limited combat efficiency and survival.
As the game progresses, the player will find themselves in even more perilous situations. Yet all hope is not lost as reinforcements in the form of newly developed weapons and equipment upgrades will level the playing field. The players will find themselves employing precision in their control and technique in their command to emerge victorious in the battlefield.
Dive in amidst the flames of war, and grasp the fate of your ship and crew all within your fingers!

Take command of a battleship of outstanding performance and fight through hails of enemy fire in engagement with the terrorist organization on the deep blue.
Simple controls combined with fast-paced combat.
10 different scenarios with over 40 challenging levels.
Exuberant and exigent boss battles.
2 unique weapon systems each with its strengths in different situations.
Many more exhilarating aspects to be explored by the player.

All these will be under your employment to become the greatest captain of the most fearsome battleship in history!

you could enjoy the instruction for new players,in order to have a general idea of special projectile attacking method for players in the game.

Developed & Published by Dragon Team Interactive
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Email us: info@gamesdragon.net
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goiMot's comments:

It is a frantic war game on the sea, which is exciting and very lighthearted.
Survival depends on your leadership skills as a commander. Prove yourself on the battlefield!

As the captain of a cruiser,you will engage in combat with enemy ships, destroy enemies' aircraft carriers, bombers, helicopters, huge robots, and while dodge showers of bombs and missile.
With fighting experience, you can upgrade your ship flexibly and equip it with various kinds of weapons.
In the end, your precise control is the key to victory.

- Pilot an awesome ship and fight on the deep blue sea.

- The controls are so simple that you can focus on fighting.

- More than 40 stages!

- Great boss battle awaits for you ...

- Growth configure the system: according to your preferences adjust the battleship.

- sub-equipment system: all high-tech! Haha!

- High Definition Graphics

That’s all for you, our best captain!
07-19-2010, 09:21 AM
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