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MindMap what's the trick?

07-15-2010, 01:41 PM
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MindMap what's the trick?

Is anyone tried this ipad app? And is anybody have an idea of the trick behind?

This app is very basic, the first page request you take a number then add each numeric and subtract the value to the original number.

Then you tap on the screen and a list of number and symbols is shown. You concentrate on the symbol resulting of the operation above and shake the device then the app show a symbol.

The problem here is that I took a notepad and started quote success and failures and I got 1 failure, the first attempt, and 8 success. Then I stopped try and posted this.

I never tried trick the app and always made it honestly. I tried be natural but also observe what I was doing:
  • There's in fact only 12 symbols and they change each time.
  • A possibility was that I was hypnotized and was persuading me it was the right symbol even when it wasn't the right one. Perhaps I had no witness but I was conscious of this possibility and took very fast a lot of care to be sure of the symbol.
  • I noticed I wasn't put my hand at same place, there was a link between my hands positions and the symbol I had to concentrate on when I was going to shake.
  • I noticed I was doing laud the computing but in my language and as far I know the ipad had no mic.
  • When shaking the ipad, it's possible I was tempted to center a little the shaking on the symbol where I just concentrated.

The problem is the hands positions and ipad centering was still rough for me. And a series of 8 is rather amazing... if it's really 1/12 for each event.

Anybody tried? I'm 100% sure it won't work for all people but why it is working for me?

EDIT: Woo if it's a game then I'm a champion at it, I decided tried a new series, 3 tries, 3 successes. I had to stop to not feel insane and get some feedback first.

EDIT2: Damit the app isn't free anymore, for sure don't buy this crap. But I'm so sad that I won't get someone else feeling about it. To describe a little better:
  • The second page with numbers and symbols has 5 columns and 17 lines.
  • The numbers are from 0 to 100 or less but there isn't all numbers.
  • Numbers on second page: 1st column 0 to 16, 2nd column 20 to 36, 3rd column 30 to 56, and so on.
  • Each number is present only once, they are sorted.
  • Each time the symbol associated to a number change and there's only 12 symbols.
  • For sure the initial computing reduce the possible numbers.
  • Example of the computing you have to do: 97, 9+7=15, 97-15=82, then on second page you have to make a mental image of the symbol associated to 82.
Can't some math master decipher this?

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10-08-2010, 06:50 PM
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Lol it's only when I found another game using a very similar trick (mind reading, free so you can try) that I got it. It was so basic but it was funny to get amazed now I know the charm is broken.