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App description: Have you tired about the old version Sudoku which formed by boring automatic game system? Are you always annoying the Sudoku plays which are redundant and helpless to the solution? If yes, lets try this Sudoku-WizSudoku. Another wonderful choice for Sudoku fans!We finely selected 450 classical screens, from easy to hard there are 9 grades, every level is ranked from easy to hard.We simplify and personalize the design of game play in order to help the players to better think and play the game without any interruption.

Grade 1, The definitive figures can be selected by every step, just see if you can find it.
Grade 2, There are certain steps inbetween the process, need to select out by your judgement and attempt.
Grade 3, More and more judgements need to be taken, luckly still either-or selection.
Grade 4, To find out the success inbetween continuous and repeated errors.
Grade 5, For this stage, the player needs to learn more skills and more trainings.
Grade 6, Reviews the past experience, here is too much mature thinking than before.
Grade 7, You will find yourself unbeatable now, come to try!
Grade 8, Suffering hard levels, the player takes steps cautiously now.
Grade 9, A fake fan can never reach this stage, here is not entertainment but a real challenge to yourself.

Simultaneously this game offers more functions for fans to enjoy Sudoku.

a. To fill the digit into the selected box by clicking digit button.
b. Can note small size digits into the box while notable status.
c. The FILL-IN and NOTE selection jump out when long pressing digit buttons.
d. Clear up the current box'es contents.
e. Reveal and hide the notes.
f. Double click the box, you can note the box to certain different status.
g. All the same digits showing hilight when this digit was clicked.
h. The same row and column shows hilight when clicking the box.
i. Red window alarm shows when the input digit conflicts game rule.

Thanks for your joining, we will offer our new functions and screens for Wiz Sudoku continuously.

gamewizunion's comments:
Another wonderful choice for Sudoku fans!
We finely selected 450 classical screens, from easy to hard there are 9 grades, every level is ranked from easy to hard.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wiz-sudoku/id375633382?mt=8
07-16-2010, 04:50 AM
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07-16-2010, 04:58 AM
Random_Guy Senior Member iPhone 3G, OS 3.x

thank you Random_Guy, Im just new here, iduno how to post a game like this.
07-16-2010, 10:02 AM
how to post the game information in that box automatically..
is the new guy do not have the skill?? or i just miss the help documents...