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Anyone here have an iPhone 4, and not in the US?

07-17-2010, 09:46 AM
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Anyone here have an iPhone 4, and not in the US?

Asking because I need to know how exactly the iPhone 4 would function. I've never owned one before (currently have an iPod Touch 3G) and am not living in the US. My uncle got one from the states as a gift but am unsure if it's worth opening right now?

To those of you who do have iPhone 4's and are out of country - are you able to use the device as a regular iPod without cellular network/capabilities, or is the phone completely unusable until you activate it with a Carrier? Would like to know if I can game on it / listen to music / use WiFi, etc...

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07-18-2010, 01:46 PM
If you want to use it just like an ipod, you can do it, but maybe you have to put a simcard into it. I don't know exactly. I am lazy to take out the simcard from my phone, because Apple managed it to do it as hard as possible needing a needle for it.

When I have put a simcard from a different country into my carrier locked 3G, I could use it, but I couldn't phone.

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07-18-2010, 08:47 PM
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Hi there buddy! I have an iPhone 4 and have used it overseas on several occasions. Yep, you're quite right, if you remove the Micro SIM, you can simply use your iPhone 4 just like a regular iPod Touch. You can access all your games, WiFi and email etc; you'll just miss out on phonecalls, 3G internet and SMS. hope this helps?