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Quality of Racing games dropped off of late?

07-21-2010, 04:22 PM
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Quality of Racing games dropped off of late?

I've been away from the iPhone scene for a couple of months, having looked through all the new racing games by release/update date i'm struggling to really find anything with positive reviews. I've tried a few demo's and I feel disappointed by the controls or general gameplay/longtivity even after giving them a fair crack.

Bar Split Second and Lil Racerz really (I bought DareDevil Dave on release) I'm now am struggling to find anything to really grab me by the wotsits, am I just being really fussy/picky? Does anyone else feel the same?

Oh and Black Ice releasing loads of puzzle sliding apps under the Racing game section doesn't help. Wish Apple would be stricter as to what goes in to what category.

I'm just downloading Drift Mania hoping for good things.

Moan over
07-21-2010, 04:30 PM
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I wish there were more racing games like Real Racing. I would think EA will bring the new NFS to iphone soon...