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App description: Welcome to great snowy outdoors of the northern Alaska town of Carnage Crossing. The roads are snow and ice covered and the wild life is ready to cause all the carnage they can. Help the wild life wreck as many vehicles as possible. The better you do the more animal friends you will to help you in your quest.

The objective is to cause the biggest wreck possible. Move your avatar back and forth across the lanes to raise the score multiplier and then when you are ready cause a wreck and enjoy the carnage as it occurs. The whole purpose of the game is to cause the most amount of carnage you can. Don't worry the animals will be fine but the carnage is fun and enjoyable to watch.

Six brave and fearless animals are available.

* Mighty Moose - Your starting avatar
* Wicked Wolf - Unlocked after playing just three games
* Hoppy Rabbit - Unlocked when you score 1000 or more carnage in one game
* Kool Kodiak - Unlocked when you reach the 3X multiplier the first time
* Randy Ram - Unlocked when you reach the 5X multiplier the first time
* Polly Polar Bear - Unlocked when you score 2000 or more carnage in one game.

The game looks easy and almost like it will play itself. If you like to just watch the fun of the cars smashing into each other then yes the game does nearly play itself. If you want to get that big score or unlock other animal friends then you are in for a challenge. What seems easy at first can end up being many attempts that end failure.

Don't worry the game keeps your best score on device and on Game Center. Also tracked is how many games you have played in your quest to unlock all the animal friends and hold the top score.

Truth is the crashing cars are just fun to watch and time to time you will see one leave the screen headed for the heavens as it tries to return to its people.
04-05-2015, 11:33 AM

While I really like the premise of the game, it's just not playable to me. I want to play it! The first loading of the app, before you even get to the main title screen, you get a full page ad. If I can't even get to the title screen before I play my first game that's just a major turn off.

Also I saw no way to pay to get rid of the ads. I tried one play anyways despite this and the other thing I will say is it needs explosions! Lol

04-06-2015, 03:16 PM
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Carnage Crossing now on Google Play

Carnage Crossing is now available on Google Play as well.
Carnage Crossing on Google Play