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App description: Its the Maze Game With a Twist No Walls!


To Boldly Go To Galaxies Far, Far Away, the recruitment posters read. As if

Since being stationed onboard the T.S.S. Imaginary, youve been stuck below decks in a windowless cabin, assigned to sundry duties involving the Bridge Crews bureaucracy. While removing staples from Commands recent dispatch, the ships intercom begins to blare a message

Attention crew! A new posting has become available in Probe Operations: Remote Control. Those interested

you squeal and grunt with delight. Nows your chance to be promoted to a position where you can actually see the stars!

Pity theyll only be visible via a view screen in a darkened room, but its a start

Your duty is to pilot your probe in a dangerous part of space known as the Vor. However, due to the unexplained Technobabble Effect, the probe can only move orthogonally and must use interstellar phenomena to explore and navigate.


Mazespace of the Vor is an action puzzle game where you act as one of the T.S.S. Imaginarys up and coming new PORCers, exploring dangerous areas of space from the comfort of your palm- or lap-sized controlling device.

Either playing against the clock or for sheer endurance, Vor will test your perception and spatial reasoning as you navigate mazes where there are no walls or passageways; you can only see the intersections! (And maybe the occasional dead end or shortcut)

Features one free game mode, with additional missions available with one purchase:

Recruitment (free)
Race the probe through a small section of the Vor. A new course is chosen daily. Try for the fastest time possible. The same course can be practiced repeatedly to improve your time or played to compete against others.

Tour Of Duty
Navigate the probe through a series of unknown sectors of the Vor, of steadily increasing size. Try for the fastest time possible. Some trials may take longer than others (even with perfect play) but have records kept for longer.

Navigate the probe through a region of the Vor, suspected of high instability. Beware of lesser wormholes; experimentation may be needed. Explore as many sectors as possible, until the probe crashes or self-destructs.

Designed for all currently shipping iOS devices

iPhone & iPod touch
- Quick loading with smaller levels, more of an action feel
- Well-suited for quick five minute games, or for round robin contests with friends and family
- Compatible with any device running iOS 3.1 or later

- Larger levels with more of a puzzle slant
- Good for longer play sessions of about ten or fifteen minutes

iPhone 4
- Full support for the Retina Display
- Compatible with Fast App Switching (with automatic pausing)

Universal iOS App
- One download in iTunes; works with iPhone, iPod and iPad
- One Mission Pack purchase covers all your devices

Concern Wormwood's comments:
Concern Wormwood has just released a new casual puzzle game to the App Store.

Screenshots and a gameplay video are available from our website: http://www.concernwormwood.com/vor/

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Originally Posted by LordVader View Post
Wow, this actually looks pretty great. Action puzzle game? Nice. Looks comparable to Geometry Wars, sort of.
Not quite as intense especially on the iPad, its more of a thinkers puzzle. Though we are considering ideas for more arcade game design for possible future missions, depending on player feedback.