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  • Publisher: Toytek
  • Genre: Word
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 83.7 MB
  • Version: 2.0
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating:
    Not enough votes.
App description: For iPad version please download "The Ultimate Alphabet" and not the Pocket edition.

10 STAND ALONE GAMES IN THIS APP!. Try the 1st for FREE! The astonishing "A"!
Test your vocabulary to it's limits using cryptic clues, hints and jigsaw jumbles. These will help you with the more obscure words in the game.
You don't have to buy all the games in the series to enjoy each one fully as a stand alone game.
American Spelling is accounted for.

"Learning never exhausts the mind" - Leonardo da Vinci

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you" - B.B. King

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In 1987, The Ultimate Alphabet was a publishing phenomenon. A New York Times & Sunday Times bestseller, the puzzle book featured 26 beautifully painted images, each of which jam-packed with items starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Now on the iPad its a fully interactive hidden object puzzle game for the next generation to get their minds in a twist over. It will keep you mentally agile and test your vocabulary and general knowledge to its limits, thats a guarantee!

Abbey, apricot, atlas, artilleryman, ammunition, aardvark, autogyro, astrolabe, aryballos, amputee and the Egyptian god Anubis are a few examples of the 362 words you might find in the letter A.

Cryptic clues, hints and jigsaw jumbles are there to help the player with the more obscure words in the game.

The cryptic clues, which are in the crossword style, have been written by Philip Marlow and Brian Dungate. Philip is a regular setter for The Financial times, The Telegraph and The Independent.

Coins, medals and trophies are awarded for the level of achievement; this will depend on the amount of help received for completing each of the individual letters. All the words in the game have been grouped into the 45 categories ranging from Flags to Food to Mineralology and Weapons.


You can find more information about us at www.toytek.co.uk

Or on Twitter @toytekltd or @toytek

Or on Facebook: Toytek , The Ultimate Alphabet.

Hope to see you there :)

Toytek's comments:
The Ultimate Alphabet - Pocket Edition
(try before you buy)

iPad version Highest ranks:
In top 5 in 9 countries for all Games!
In top 25 in 56 countries for all Games!
#1 spot in 74 countries for Word!
#1 spot in 66 countries for Trivia!

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The Ultimate Alphabet for the iPad hit the #1 spot in 74 countries for its category !

Download and play the letter A for an unlimited time and its estimated game play time is 5+ hours. You will find many hours of replay while trying to achieve the perfect trophy. We think that will be more than enough time for you to make up your mind if you want to play more

This game is going to test your vocabulary and general knowledge to its limit !

American spelling is accounted for in the few cases where these discrepancies appear.

really hope you enjoy the game

All the best



09-09-2010, 11:56 PM
Still waffling

I have gone back and forth for a while on getting more letters for this game. It is great and very family friendly, and for those who remember it from childhood it is even better. However, without knowing the timetable or pricing model for the remaining 22 letters, I am still hesitant. Also, although I prefer the iPad version for the broader view, I do not want to have to choose between the iPhone and iPad edition when it comes to buying added material in this case.

I would like to see more proper reviews done for this game as well. For the free version, I have seen too many entitled-feeling people who give extremely harsh reviews because they either thought it was all going to be free and are really disenchanted, or find the vocab game too difficult and have given up. On the other hand, I have seen few reviews given to elaborate on the additional pages (B through D, so far) and therefore have little to go on.

In any case, from what I've seen in the free version, it's a decent piece of work (then and now!). Good job overall!

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09-10-2010, 11:35 AM
I was in the same situation as you, HockeyDoc. Eventually I decided to buy the letters for the iPad. The game really shines on the iPad where you can admire the artwork in the larger size. The way I figured it was this - I'm paying for what I'm getting now. If I enjoy it, it doesn't matter what later letters cost. I still got enjoyment out of my current purchase. Yes, I would like to know the potential total cost, but it doesn't take away from what is there now.

I came to this conclusion after a lot of public discussion with the developer during the contest they had running. They ended up lowering the price of DLC slightly based on feedback from everyone. The current prices is well worth it for me, based on the quality of what they have produced.

I do wish it was universal so that I could play on both devices rather than having to choose one or the other. But, in the end, the developer has to price things in a way that makes sense to them from a financial perspective. This isn't a market where developers typically make a lot of money and $5.99 ($4.99 for pocket version) for four letters provides a much better value for time played than many other games I've purchased.