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  • Publisher: Five Deer Ltd
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 15.9 MB
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Price: $0.99
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App description: Are you tired of your IT job? Try out the CIO!

In this game, you are the owner and CIO of a software startup. With $50,000 cash, and a small office your friend offered to you in Bugsville for free, you have a dream: in 7 years, your company will be listed at the top.

You will be in charge of everything. Hiring, bidding projects, motivating and firing, venture capital, relocation, fighting virus, etc. etc.

First, you need good people. You have positions open (Project Manager, Analyst, Developer, Tester) and candidates will pass by your reception desk. They tell you the positions they apply for and the expected salaries. You would have to make the hiring decision in seconds by a soft TAP! Once hired, you will pay the recruitment agency fee. Subsequently, salaries will be deducted from your account on the Pay Day every month.

Second, you need projects to make money and grow up! Projects are graded with six complexity levels and contract prices:

Level 1: small and easy, single developer job, $5-10K
Level 2: medium, analyst + developer, $10-20K
Level 3: large, analyst + developer + tester, $15-30K
Level 4: complex, PM + analyst + developer + tester, $30-80K
Level 5: very complex, 3 times more work than Level 3, $50-100K
Level 6: difficult, twice more work than Level 5, $100K and up to $1M

Depending on the location, they will pass by the reception desk. Again, you will make a bidding decision in seconds or they will be gone.

Failing a project will incur a 10% penalty of the contract price.

You need a good mix of different roles in your team. (Don't be top-heavy!) The moment you TAP a project, the project will be automatically assigned to the most competent team member who can take up the corresponding task. You may also indicate your preferred employee by TAPPING him or her first before TAPPING the project. Watch your team passing works to each other along the life cycle ! The more projects they do, the faster they learn and grow. Once your employee completed 25 projects, his/her competency will upgrade and he deserves a higher salary. Competency has 5 levels. Those staff at the 5th levels are mean and thin. They complete projects in light-speed and are they are self-motivating.

(WARNING: expanding your team too fast is hazardous to the financial health of the company.)

People talk about "Super Programmers" and you would like find and hire them. These people only show up for a while in certain locations. Super Programmers are happy to do the work of all roles, except project manager's.

Your staff could feel tired, upset, lazy, sometimes. Pay attention to the signs next to them. Motivate them by a soft TAP. Allow them to be negative sometimes. Stay open and positive. They will return to normal!

If a staff stays unmotivated for a long time, he/she tends to resign. Sometimes people resign not because the job is not motivating, but because they find a better job in the market. Things are not always under your control. If such thing happens, take it easy. Just hire a new one.

If your company performs extremely well in the early years, you may attract venture capital. Grab the VC fund when you see it passing by!

There are seven locations. Except for the office in Bugsville offered by your friend for free, you have to pay rental for all others. The bigger the office, the more projects can be done in parallel. Some locations are very expensive. For example, BigO Lane and Cupertino. These locations offer you higher-return projects. (That's why.)

CIOs do care about IT Security! Kill the virus when it sneaks into your office. Or you will lose 10% of your money.

Time to start up your own business now!

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