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Old 08-11-2010, 06:11 AM
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Default CHAOS RINGS for iPad - by SQUARE ENIX (v1.0.2)

iPad Screenshots:
(click to enlarge)

Boasting the best graphics and gameplay ever seen on the iPhone or iPod touch and the number one highest sales in fifteen countries, the record-breaking RPG, CHAOS RINGS, now finally makes its way to the iPad!

★☆★iPad-exclusive Enhancements!★☆★
The iPad version supports 1024x768px HD resolutions. Experience beautiful graphics, detailed backgrounds, intricate character expressions, and intense battle scenes on the iPad's large screen.

CHAOS RINGS takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch’s capabilities. Using a classic game system that any RPG fan will enjoy, it presents an epic tale consisting of four different scenarios, all brought to you with gorgeous sound and unbelievably smooth 3D graphics.

The story revolves around a tournament where combatants fight for their lives: the Ark Arena. Upon choosing a pair of characters, one male and one female, you will then have to fight against the other pairs. Each pair has their own story, and the truth behind the Ark Arena will not be revealed until each story is completed.

◆Game Features
-Amazingly smooth 3D graphics

-Gorgeous sound that takes full advantage of the iPad powerful hardware

-A deep story with unique twists for every pair and multiple endings

-Traditional game and battle systems polished to perfection

-Hours upon hours of gameplay, complete with hidden bosses, secret weapons, and more

◆Reviews of the iPhone version
Chaos Rings is the only title I will be playing for quite some time, outside of my normal review requirements.
- 148Apps

The turn-based fighting is gratifying and never got old, and the story and character development remains immersive even in short play sessions.
- Touch Arcade

The iPhone finally has its own triple-A Square Enix RPG that actually reaches the heights of a Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger.
- Slide to Play

The story, and characters found within Chaos Rings are the most interesting and intriguing I have come across for the iPhone, and perhaps I have to go back to Final Fantasy VII to find it’s equal.
- TouchGen
- The New York Times

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Old 08-11-2010, 06:11 AM
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Default impressions/reviews

Originally Posted by DotComCTO View Post
Played for an hour already. Totally lost track of time! I held off on buying the iPhone version when I learned Square Enix was doing an iPad version. Glad I waited!

This is really nicely done RPG. Very Square Enix, if you know what I mean. Graphically very strong, but some things still look pixelated, such as close ups of backgrounds and certain character details. Is it me, or is there a Phantasy Star vibe to this game (I'm still really early on)?

Very impressive game, especially considering the portable platform!

Gotta get some sleep, but will definitely be playing this through.

Originally Posted by Remon View Post
After following all the commotion about the backgound being pixalated I bought the game anyway, and in my opinion it's not a deal breaker. My main focus during the game is on the caracters and they look pretty sharp. But It would be nice to have everything looking the same hd quality.

I notice in the game that all the 3d images together are sometimes hard to digest for my ipad, so maybe that's why they made it like they did.

Overal a very nice game with nice enough graphics.
Originally Posted by Soulblitz View Post
Just finished Escher's story in a little under six hours, (including going back in after the credits and playing through a bit more content). Not sure how happy I am about having to effectively play through the game another three times to unlock the final scenario and eventually get what I guess you would call the "true" ending. Anyone fully completed the iPhone version, and is it worth it?

I'm throughly enjoying the game, and I'm glad that the Genes carry over to different couples, but still, not sure if it's worth going through again multiple times. Escher's story certainly got more interesting as I got closer to the end, but now that I know all of the less couple-specific story, I'm not sure how much the game will keep my attention.

Still, I'd highly recommend it.
Originally Posted by NonSoft View Post
Fundamentally Chaos Rings embodies a lot of what I'd like to see become common place for games on the App Store: Great production values, deep engrossing gameplay while still being easy to pick up/put down quickly for on-the-go gaming, and overall just a lot of fun to play. As far as price is concerned, I don't think it is a lot to ask considering the level of quality. If you compare Chaos Rings to your average iPad game...well, there is no comparison.

The story is relatively interesting and well paced, although somewhat sparse and at times melodramatic. As long as you aren't expecting a tale of epic proportions it should keep you engaged through out the course of the game.

The graphics are truly in a league of their own when it comes to iDevice gaming. From the quality of artwork itself to the technical quality of the graphics it's all gorgeous to look at. Clearly a lot of time was spent on the look of this game.

As with most RPGs, combat is where you will be spending the majority of your time with this game. This is where Chaos Rings both shines and starts to crumble. First the positive, the combat system is deceptively deep for an RPG. At the beginning of each turn you must first decide if you want to execute a solo attack, or paired attack. Solo attacks do less damage, but enemy attacks target one character. Paired attacks do considerably more damage, but enemy attacks target both of your characters. Also, when using the paired method in combination with healing or stat boosting spells/items both characters receive the effects.
Magic is handled through learned "Genes". As you defeat enemies in combat you will sometime receive their Genes. You can equip these genes to use the spells of the enemies you defeat. These spells run the gamut of typical RPGs spells including everything from healing, stat bolstering, damaging, etc. When using attack spells they will typically imbue upon you their element. This means when using a fire element spell your elemental color will turn red, making you susceptible to spells of the opposite element. Likewise, if an enemy using a particular spell against you, you can blast him with a spell of the opposite element for extra damage.
All of this highlights the depth of combat in Chaos Rings, the problem is that later in the game almost none of it matters. Somewhere around the midpoint of your first play through you will most likely have acquired several genes that passively boost your physical attacks. You stack up a few of these genes on one character and suddenly you get one hit kills on almost every non-boss encounter, and bosses typically go down in less than 10 turns. Not only is there no strategy required, but no challenge as well. In fact you will almost certainly find that the first half of the game to be considerably more challenging than the second. This is a disappointment because even the high level areas are relatively easy and more importantly because the pieces are in place for the combat to be both strategic and challenging but because a few skills really the balance is completely ruined. I suppose you could choose not to use equip the genes that have these skills at all, but then you would lose out on all the other skills that come with the gene.

Even with the issue with the difficulty I'd still highly recommend Chaos Rings because it is a lot of fun, and overall worth the admission price.

One last note about the iPhone Vs iPad versions. If you own the iPhone version, the iPad version is definitely not worth getting. If you own an iPad and are debating which version to get, I guess I'd give a slight edge to the iPad version, but not by much. Not only is it a direct port with no added content or features, but the one thing that was upgraded (graphics) wasn't even done properly. As many have noted here, the backgrounds are almost all (if not all) taken directly from the iPhone version. Early on in the game there is a scene where a character is holding a sword, you will see that the shaft of the sword appears to have updated graphics, but the blade is the blocky iPhone version. That being said, the increased resolution does look really nice where it was done properly.

Anyway, that is my review of Chaos Rings, hope it helps someone make a somewhat more informed decision.

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Old 08-11-2010, 06:27 AM
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Default Woot!

Finally! Thank you
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Old 08-11-2010, 06:50 AM
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Old 08-11-2010, 07:09 AM
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Oh hells yeah! Defintitely pushing that buy button as soon as it's up. Glad I held off buying the iPhone version. Now where's Chinatown Wars?
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Old 08-11-2010, 07:13 AM
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Oh my! Oh my oh my!! This must be the most painful app release wait for me.

Instant buy countdown.
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Old 08-11-2010, 07:25 AM
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Already finished iPhone version. Just thinking what is the different between iPhone and iPad version. Do I need to buy it and play again?
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Old 08-11-2010, 07:26 AM
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Instant buy even though I completed the iPhone version... loved it
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Old 08-11-2010, 10:02 AM
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I just came.
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Originally Posted by iJoe View Post
I just came.
Please. Be quiet.
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