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App description: WARNING! With a spine-chilling crime at the center of its spellbinding story, this game is not intended for the faint of heart! But if you like eerie adventures full of twists and turns and startling secrets, Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box is right up your alley!

Developed in the tradition of the best Hammer horror movies and classic novels by H.P. Lovecraft, Vampire Saga casts the player in the role of Matthew Ward, a young man who steals aboard a cargo ship to escape the violence of the Spanish-American War. After passing out for no apparent reason, he wakes up to find himself alone with several sinister-looking coffins. Where did the crew go? Why is Matthew having strange visions? And why does he feel like he's being watched?
To answer these and other questions, the player must explore several creepy Victorian locations, search for over 300 hidden objects, and follow a story full of nerve-pricking encounters. Along the way, atmospheric music and sound effects will immerse the player in the events unfolding on the screen.

There's also iPad version of this game! Check the App Store!

Game Features:
11 hidden object game scenes
Five mini-games
300 hidden objects
Animated cutscenes
A surprise ending!
STILL NOT CONVINCED? Try the lite version for free by searching for "Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box Lite" in the iTunes Store.
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abutova's comments:
Guys, Alawar has just released a creepy quest for iPhone & iTouch which has everything to become a hit these days: vampires, mistique, lost cargo ship, love - there's just no Edward Cullen You can check the visuals and the really great sound on the official video trailer below, but believe me - they are even better! Lite version is also available, so check it out.

Youtube link | Pop Up

08-12-2010, 05:56 AM
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The iPhone version costs just $2.99, not $6.99. Itunes is just soooo slow with updating the info...
08-12-2010, 06:08 AM
Joined: Apr 2009
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Insta-buy +1

Love Alawar's games - Thank you !
08-12-2010, 06:20 AM
Joined: Nov 2009
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Originally Posted by abutova View Post
The iPhone version costs just $2.99, not $6.99. Itunes is just soooo slow with updating the info...
This is coming up at $8.99 in the Aus store. There are going to be some pissed folks if sales are able to be completed at this price.
08-12-2010, 06:40 AM
Joined: Nov 2009
Location: Germany
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Can somebody ban MikeGenius please? This jerk is getting really annoying lately.

Hi, you seemed to be lost on the Internets.
This is TouchArcade, where 2$ for a game is too much, 5$ is an outrage, and 10$ or more is putting sugar in their car tanks whilst killing puppies.
08-12-2010, 06:45 AM
Joined: Jun 2010
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+1 to ban MikeGenius...

Last edited by abutova; 08-12-2010 at 06:47 AM.
08-12-2010, 07:04 AM
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Looks good, we will see after the price change if I pick it up.

Add me to your Game Center .... Lacedolphin
08-12-2010, 07:11 AM
Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 237
Check it in iTunes - the price there has already changed to 2.99. I believe now it's a cache issue on Touch Arcade.

Originally Posted by lacedolphin View Post
Looks good, we will see after the price change if I pick it up.
08-12-2010, 08:07 AM
nice graphics, very detailed.

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