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App description: Evolution Defense - the next generation of tower defense is evolving. Using the power of genetics, Evolution Defense brings new possibilities to this addictive genre.

The viruses are coming! They're evolving rapidly and they're out to attack you - with more than 16 million possible combinations of virus DNA, the threat is almost never-ending as viruses evolve new strengths and special abilities. Only you can stop them - by strengthening your defenses through intelligent placement, continuous upgrades and exposure to fighting viruses, you can build the immune system to fight these virulent foes. You'll need all the tools at your disposal to stop them in time before the infection level becomes critical and you are overwhelmed.

Hone your defensive skills by playing against the AI in single player mode and then challenge a friend using the powerful two-player mode. This really takes things to the next level as you unleash wave after wave of constantly evolving viruses against each other and then scramble to update your defenses to deal with the new threats. The powerful genetic engineering tools allow you to mutate and combine your most successful creations to unleash new surprises on your opponent - then it's down to survival of the fittest.

iamseamonster's comments:
Did a search and didn't see a thread on this one yet, surprising as I figured the folks here would be all over this by now.

Evolution Defense is a new, free, and neat little tower defense game that just got released yesterday, with some cool features that, while not completely revolutionary or new, really fit the theme of this game. I haven't played too much, as I'm pretty busy looking for a job, but I've fired this up a couple times during breaks. So far I'm impressed, especially considering this is a free game which, as far as I've seen, has no ads or premium content to buy.

I've only played a couple games, and it seems there's only one map, but I can't be too sure. It looks like the game is purely survival based, as the only scores shown are Time and Wave reached before game over. The map is a closed loop, stylized to look like an intestine or blood vessel or something, and the creeps start in the bottom left corner and work their way around the track until they or you are killed. The creeps take the form of viruses, and according to the information given in the tutorial pages, these viruses can take on millions of different forms, all based on 'dna' traits which range from basic attributes like speed and health points to specialized abilities such as healing nearby viruses and tunneling to a different area of the map when in danger. One cool feature is that the viruses have a 'half life' that corresponds to the amount of time the virus can be allowed to survive before splitting into two identical viruses. I haven't seen this happen yet but its something I haven't seen before in a TD game.

Another feature of the game that separates it from other TD games is that your survival is based on the infection level of the viruses. Theres a small meter in the bottom left corner of the map that fills up the longer viruses are allowed to survive, and slightly decreases with each completed wave. Once it fills up all the way, the game is over and your play time and wave reached are shown. So the best strategy for survival is to kill the viruses as quickly as possible, unlike some TDs (geodefense comes to mind) where higher scores are gained when the creeps are defeated closer to the end of their path.

Now for the towers - there are only 3 types of offensive towers, and they all do basically the same thing - shoot - with one tower being slower, stronger, with high range, one tower with medium range, power, and speed, and one short range, fast, and weak. There are also 3 booster type towers, for increasing the range, speed, and damage of nearby offensive towers. All the offensive towers can be upgraded separately in speed, power and range, but what's really neat is that they can also be upgraded with additional attributes such as slow, poison, splash damage, and bullets which jump from one virus to another (not too sure how much this differs from splash damage, but still neat). After each wave, you get a chance to build new towers and upgrade existing ones (assuming they've earned the required skill points by killing viruses, and you have the necessary money), and you start the next wave when you're ready by pressing a button in the corner. Towers can still be built, sold, and upgraded during battle but money is only earned at the end of each wave.
There is also a pretty neat looking multiplayer mode, but its only over 2 player bluetooth connection and I don't have any friends with iphones. It looks like one player takes the defensive side while the other is in charge of creating the waves of viruses, right down to picking the attributes of each virus. Looks cool, but I wish there was a way to do this online with players in different areas.

Overall I'd say this is definitely worth a look if you're into Tower Defense games, especially since this is free. Hopefully the game will be updated with new modes or at least new maps, but as it is, this is absolutely worth the (non-existent) admission price, and a few minutes of your time.

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08-16-2010, 12:51 PM
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Thanks for the heads up, iamseamonster

Already d/l it - will save it for the bad times (either with no good games or even worse three weeks on holidays with no access to iTunes )

08-23-2010, 02:58 AM
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