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App description: In a nail-biting combination of tactical line-drawing and offensive attacks, manage the survivors from a top-down view, guiding them toward their rescue helicopters while eliminating the zombie onslaught with a combination of clever diversions and permanent destruction.


"Zombie Escape should be the zombie game on your mind! ... Zombie Escape has amazing graphics and sounds...with realistic features... I cannot wait" AppModo

"Probably my favorite game of the show ... definitely worth a look" Tuaw.com

"The game controls as smooth as could be, and its the most action Ive experienced in the path-drawing genre" AppAdvice

Zombie Escape is certainly at the forefront of line-drawing games - Peter Lettieri, TouchArcade.com

The game is absolutely packed with action Trevor Sheridan, AppAdvice

Zombie Escape reinvents the path drawing genre - Trevor Sheridan, AppAdvice

I couldnt tear myself from Zombie Escape until I completed the whole campaign. TouchmyApps

"Zombie Escape is a great deal for a lot of good gaming 8.0/10" - Levi, IGN.com

Welcome to the Zombie Escape experience! We hope that your stay with us will be pleasant. We ask that you await your helicopter, which will be coming to rescue you shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy the horde of zombies that is swiftly approaching your position. We do ask that you not feed the zombies, as this will only encourage them.

We strongly recommend that you use all the tools at your disposal to guide survivors to waiting escape helicopters ... before the zombies eat them. Please make use of the provided raw meat, bombs, sniper rifles, and other weapons. Thank you for your attention!

Find fun and creative ways to distract the undead long enough to get those survivors out of there or watch on helplessly as the eating of brains begins!

It seems that nowhere is safe! Make your way between three different zones (Downtown, Airport and Forest), covering 28 days (levels) of catastrophic mayhem in total! Add to that four different types of brain-hungry zombie attackers, and it becomes clear that youll need to come prepared to do some damage! Thankfully, theres plenty of special weapons to help you get the job done: with abilities including sniper, bomb, SOS helicopters, sleeping gas, raw meat, Safe Zones and a couple of secret weapons, theres no end of firepower at your disposal!

With both Campaign and Survival modes available, theres literally an endless supply of slavering zombies to sink your teeth into or possibly, to sink their teeth into you! Put your survival skills to the test, and earn special Achievements. And when your skills are as lethal as they get, take it all online, and compete for top position in the fully-integrated Crystal leaderboards! Because whats the point of conquering the apocalypse if you cant brag to your friends?


ImNoSuperMan's comments:

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TA Review : http://toucharcade.com/2010/08/19/zo...-landing-zone/

...With a further endless Survival game mode and the usual suite of achievements and high score tables provided by Chillingo's Crystal platform, Zombie Escape is certainly at the forefront of line-drawing games; up there with the likes of Boom Brigade in providing a guns-blazing, action-packed take on the formula. This one should provide for both line-drawing fans and action fans in general, as the pacing is good and the game notoriously difficult to put down. The couple of hours required to take down the campaign mode and the endless Survival mode should keep zombie-lovers entertained– just be sure to fiddle with the sound settings if you encounter the same effects bug I did.
User Impressions..

Originally Posted by sniggzy View Post
Game is pretty sweet thus far... On day 10 of the airport level. Pretty sweet weapons. Sniper Rifle + bomb + meat + others. All work in different ways, and you can level up the individual weapons through money you earn in level. It's pretty fun. Liking the line drawing aspect. Thought I was fed up with line drawing but this shows another use of line drawing i suppose. I'm sure stuff will get hectic within a few levels but thus far its been pretty straight forward. DIfferent classes of zombies with different attributes as well so you gotta focus your energies towards the more admirable slash intense monsters as opposed to the meatheads that just walk around aimlessly. Gotta say I love when the girls sprint away from the zombies screaming AHHHhiiIIie, its pretty sweet. bye.
Originally Posted by Obscure View Post
It took forever for this to come out and now that it finally has, I can say it was worth the wait. This is quite a fun game and I'm impressed at how simple it is, but yet so fun.

The game spaces it's self out through levels and as you progress through them the amount of people you have to rescue starts to increase and it gets harder and harder to get them to the helicopters without having to use the power-ups, also the zombies start to get more frequent and different types of zombies start to appear.

All in all it's a fun game and worth the current asking price.
Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
I have to agree it did in fact live up to the hype!

Folk have pretty well summed it up already.

-Draw paths for survivors to get them to the awaiting helicopters (or at least away from the zombies) while picking up useful survival tools (power-ups). The level continues until you have rescued all of the survivors (the number of folk left to save is always shown up top) or let three get killed (at which point you'll need to start the level over).

-Click on these acquired tools at any point during the level (nothing will be saved to later levels (although you can have multiples of each available tool) so "use them or lose them" while in that level).

-In between levels you'll spend the money you acquired for clearing the levels to upgrade the various tools (bigger bomb blasts or more smelly meat to name just a few). Besides requiring a certain amount of cash, many of the upgrades aren't available until later levels in the game.

-While the game has 28 levels, it is divided into 3 distinct stages (although to be honest I'm not sure if they are anything more than different 3 different backgrounds ala Minigore with no direct effect on gameplay). Besides having each level get progressively harder, they'll sometimes introduce special conditions (like only certain tools available) to throw you for a spin. Once you clear all of the levels in a given stage it becomes open to Survival play.

-The Survival Mode is essentially the same idea except it is one continuous level, no cash/upgrading, and your end score is based entirely on the number of survivors rescued. While killing zombies with acquired tools is still key to keeping your people alive, you don't receive any credit for being a mass zombie murderer. Your highscores in this mode are tracked in Crystal as well as displayed on the main map when choosing which unlocked Survival Stage you want to play.

-My only whine is that, in Survival Mode, it would have been nice to get credit for zombies killed as well (it does tell you at the end of a game how many zombies you killed, but this has no bearing on your end score).

Great line drawing fun that, even if only an iPhone game, works and looks great on the iPad as well!

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Damn, INSM, you're gonna need a rest after all this posting...
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Finally it comes !!!
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Yeah been waiting for this
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Looks pretty cool
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Wow, I thought it'd never come out.

Originally Posted by sizzlakalonji View Post
I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just played this, felt a tingle, rushed to the bathroom, and urinated rainbows and glitter.
Originally Posted by sammysin View Post
Yesss, I'm off for a leak to see if the same happens for me.
08-18-2010, 06:41 AM
How many MB to download? Hope I can get it without Wifi otherwise I'll have to go to a Free WiFi hotspot tomorrow
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I love the world!!

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It's about time, bought when it comes out in Aus.

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