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Free App Post #1

08-18-2010, 12:01 PM
Free App Post #1

Hi all, Im here bringing you the first day of apps gone free in the app store! Check them out, leave a comment, and PM me if you have another app to report! Thanks everyone in advance for your support. Tell all of your friends to visit this posting every day to see great free apps!

Doodle Sky Pro

New released Doodle Sky! Press your finger on the screen, and the aircraft will follow your instructions to fight against the enemies!
There are different missions in different stages. For example, you can destroy the enemies, protect the VIP, and take part in the decapitation strike and so on. You will feel enjoyable and excited about different missions.

There are eight aircrafts with different attributes for the players to control. You will find it easy to play if you can take advantages of the different attributes and abilities.

Besides the gorgeous and exciting battle, the game system will give corresponding scores based on the players’ performance. There are also medal of honors and titles for you to take!


Rotate Gems

Rotate Gems is an addictive puzzle game based on the classic 3-match concept with the addition of innovative features.
The rules are simple, rotate the board and move the gems to make sets of three of more gems of the same type.

How to play:
Rotate the board to move gems. More than 3 linked gems will be eliminated if they have same type. The rock can not be moved when you rotate the board and can not be eliminated. Touch the bomb can remove all the objects around it. Meteorite can be moved when you rotate the board but can not be eliminated also. This game is waiting for you to challenge. Enjoy the game and have fun.

75 levels are waiting for your challenge and thank you for your support to get this game!


Escape From Nom

Meet Alan - a cute little blob of a guy who needs your help to ESCAPE FROM NOM! Problem is, you'll need to safely guide Alan through a bunch of hungry NOMS who happen to have an appetite for cute little blobs named Alan. What's a NOM? A NOM is a large, lazy blob with bad teeth and even worse breath. Push Alan off the ledge at the top of your screen down to the pool of colored goo at the bottom without coming into contact with any nasty NOMS. The CATCH: Alan MUST be the same color as the colored goo when he lands there, or he’ll become a slimy splattered mess! Use the bumpers that can change Alan's color and allow him to safely enter the pool and ESCAPE FROM NOM!


Looking forward to posting every day,
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08-18-2010, 12:14 PM
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thank you free app man, thank you

08-18-2010, 12:15 PM
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