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App description: The hit game Danger! Dodgeball in full HD.

Danger! Dodgeball HD is a unique tilt based game of no-rules Dodgeball. Take the sport to an entirely strange level with power-ups, curve-balls, multi-balls, shotgun balls, ginormous-balls, slippery banana attacks, blue health balls, and crunchy spray painting taggers.

Re-live the childhood trauma of the dodgeball court, but this time you can be the dodgeball hero.

o Power up with zany special attacks
o Progressive difficulty, unlimited levels
o High quality graphics and textures for iPad
o Satisfying sounds of rubber balls smacking a bully's head
o Game Center and Open Feint support
o Training mode that gets new players up to speed

Danger! Dodgeball HD sports hi-resolution graphics and improved tilt accuracy for the iPad.

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robotstampede's comments:
Hi all,

Developer/human slave at Robot stampede here just wanted to give you a heads up that Danger! Dodgeball HD for iPad is now live (about an hour ago) on iTunes. Fast, addicting, tilt controlled arcade game, with some zany Dodgeball fun.

We've added tons of new features and completely re-vamped the iPad version based on user feedback from the iPhone version that hit the #1 game and app slot last month on 4th of July weekend. HD graphics, new music, sounds, characters, special attacks, power-ups, more pain and overall much faster gameplay.

Take a look http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/danger-dodgeball-hd/id387088040?mt=8

We have a sneak peak video that came out yesterday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpCf8MGeEh4

On the iPhone front: we are in final beta testing for a big update to the iPhone version of Danger! Dodgeball 1.1 with much of the faster gameplay/user feedback included. We are about a week away from sending off to Apple, then another 3 to 7 days for them to approve. So here are some promo-codes for the iPhone version (NOT the iPad HD version codes, but stay tuned here on Touch Arcade and we'll be giving some away on twitter @robotstampede as well.)

Check it out if you have an iPad, we think you'll like it, and we are looking for smart feedback and beta testers for future games and revisions. Gimme a shout and grab a promo code below if you are iPhone/iPod touch below to snag a free version.


CEO Robot Stampede / twitter @robotstampede

iPhone free promo codes (soon to be updated to 1.1 with new goodies):

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Early bird says thanks!

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Do us a favor and post iPhone codes in the iPhone section. It just cost me 2 bucks, because I assumed the codes were for the iPad version, since the post was in the iPad section.


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08-20-2010, 01:46 AM
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used LY936EHTP46E , thanks for the offer.....if good enough i might just buy the HD version. Much appreciated