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iPad: Big Bad Sudoku Book 2.0 for iPad out NOW!

08-20-2010, 04:57 AM
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Big Bad Sudoku Book 2.0 for iPad out NOW!

Big Bad Sudoku Book was one of the top selling games on the iPad, reaching #1 during the first month of the iPad's release. Today the update to version 2.0 became available on the app store and it is now universal (runs on both iPhone and iPad).

We also added a slew of new features - all the ones that people asked for - including sound effects, a newer better puzzle generator, more consistent difficulty levels, profiles either for multiple users or to work on more than one puzzle at a time, arcade style scoring, puzzle timer, more pencil marks options, choices for input method, a campaign mode, and a social gaming feature for sharing puzzle challenges with friends.

Oh.. and options to turn any of the new stuff off if you don't want it.

The permanent low price is $1.99 (US) and it is available now. To celebrate I'm giving away 5 promo codes tonight to those up with insomnia . I will place them in the promo codes section of this forum at 3am.. (about 5 min from now).

08-20-2010, 12:48 PM
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Sweet! I was just thinking the other week that I thought there was supposed to be a big update for this game, and wondered if it was still being developed. Now it's here and universal to boot. Thank you!