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App description: You are about to become a bazzoka soldier carrying out attack missions in the war zones. Complete the 7 missions in the briefing room, and you may select the missions you like and accumulate scores. Every time you take an emeny out in a mission, a bronze heart medal, weapon or first aid kit will drop. You will get 10 bronze hearts by completing a mission successfully. At the end its the number of medals you won that promotes you from a private all the way to a brigadier general. Your score will be uploaded to the global ranking. You may link up with you cell phone to check out the latest ranking.
The battle filed is shown horizontally. The phone has to be in the horizontal position to play the game. Its the gravity that controls you character to move left or right. On the right-hand side of the screen there is the button that fires you weapon. On the left-hand side the button switches the weapons. If you get shot, the cell phone vibrates to warn you. You have to finish the ongoing mission within the given time. When the times up, the big boss will come out, and you have to drop the boss to win the mission. Every time you play that mission again, the time and difficulty will be increased.
1. M20: flies in straight line at lower altitude, and cant hit enemies at the highest ground.
2. M72: flies in straight line as well, but can hit enemies at the highest ground.
3. FIM92: attacks the closest enemey on its own once fired; self-guided and homes in the enemy; explodes on impact.
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It's labeled free so why not?