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Inuyasha: Game and Vertical Multimedia Platform Ideas

08-21-2010, 04:00 PM
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Inuyasha: Game and Vertical Multimedia Platform Ideas

before i get into the game ideas i have....

i want to explain what i mean by "vertical multimedia platform". in addition to the game (possibly multiple games) it should also have the following content:

-the entire manga collection digitalized
-the entire animated series & the final act series
-all the movies

*obviously all of this content wont fit on a single disc so streaming will be necessary

game ideas:

the game that i would ship with this product...


-a frantic action/fighter online multiplayer game that revolves around collecting jewel shards.

-the more you collect the more powerful you get.

-if you are killed you will lose all of your jewel shards and respawn after X amount of seconds. Edit: if you are killed you will lose some of your jewel shards... unless its set on ultimate mode in which case if you die you lose all your jewel shards

-the object of the game of the game is to collect all the jewels shards, but with so many shards and so many characters (and thus players) you can imagine the games to last hours especially if there is no coordination in the squads.

-whats interesting here is that there will be characters that you can play that are "lone wolfs" like inuyashas brother (amongst others)

-but a lot of the characters will be in squads

-Also there's nothing stopping multiple squads or multiple lones wolfs from working together and theres nothing stopping squads to break up and go their own way and lose each other and thus become easy targets to sweep up.

-characters will always be on the map and either be controlled by players or AI.

-players will be able to hop in games via open spots and will probably search games by character from time to time.

-in addition to characters the map will be populated with AI controlled enemies some of which are very easy others of which are incredibly difficult to take down (similar to the weapons in FF7).

-there will also be day and night cycles (the super common enemies only come out at night)

-at least 18-20 players, most likely more because there are a lot of characters in the series (the more the better)

-i want a good mix of squads like inuyashas party, naraku & his incarnations, the band of 7, the wolf tribe (koga and the girl wolf), the lighting brothers, and others?

-i also want a few lone wolfs like inuyashas brother, kiko, the moth demon and others


my thoughts about the engine....

-cell shaded so it gives off that anime feel
-doesnt have to be HD graphics all of the characters & enemies can be sprites (for instance)
-action fighter (will explain further below)
-large maps that are built from noteworthy locations in the games


-health and mp will auto regenerate after X amount of secs of not taking damage
-no items, or commands or anything else only combat and a menu button which can be mapped to select/start
-that means all of the buttons can be mapped specifically for combat
-generic skills like jump, dodge, block (unique for each character)
-combos (unique for each character) at least two (possibly 3) buttons for attacking should suffice for combos (plus variations like diff combos for standing still, running and jumping)
-on the fly targeting system? or just a setting that you can turn on or off in the menu?
-special move/skills will be hotkey'd you hold a button and you can activate any of your 4 assigned special skillls
-you can only assign 4 skills at a time
-you learn skills by collecting jewel shards
-you can assign/reassign them by pressing start, as well as check out over all stats and have options like take a break, leave ect

other possible game modes:
-in addition to the jewel shard game mode which will be the main mode...
-there can be deathmatch, team deathmatch, survivor all variants that will be played out on the same engine

-i want there to be only one map for the jewel shard mode and i would like for it to be HUGE about the size of a whole mmo world
-the other modes can have smaller maps of course
-for jewel shard mode there can be mounts
-the same concepts and ideas listed above could also apply to other anime franchises (ding!)
-i guarantee it will ship millions of units
-plus with the vertical multimedia platform you can monetize it with ads or digital downloads or subscriptions as well as release dlc
-lots of monetization options here

what do you guys think?

I consult with the 7 sages

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08-21-2010, 04:12 PM
Might want to check out about copywrite violations.

08-21-2010, 05:13 PM
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I really don't understand why you go around making random threads with all of your "ideas".


seriously...what is the point of this exactly?

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08-21-2010, 06:33 PM
The worst part is that this "idea" is not even with his own properties.

P.S.: It doesn't even make sense economically.

Originally Posted by sammysin View Post
It is really expensive when you take into account that I spend over 40 a month on games for my iPhone. Get a clue.
08-21-2010, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by QuantumDuck View Post
Might want to check out about copywrite violations.
or you could get it fully licensed, and obtain streaming rights... that works too besides its a finalized series (afiak) which means cheaper licenses and streaming rights... or at the very least easier negotiations.

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08-23-2010, 11:17 PM
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to reiterate one of my last points...

thoughts on how the same engine and gameplay could work on "One Piece":

mode: World Govt Vs Pirates
-on one side you have the world govt (marines) and the 7 warlords
-on the other you have the pirates
-for the marines the object is to gain honor
-the marines gain honor by taking out pirates
-for the pirates (including the 7 warlords) the object is to gain bounty
-you gain bounty by taking out other pirates and taking out marines
-for the 7 warlords if you start taking out marines tho you may end up being kicked out and be just an ordinary pirate
-diff between the 7 warlords and ordinary pirates is: as one of the 7 warlords you will not be attacked by marines, as a pirate you will be attacked by marines
-the more bounty/honor you have the stronger you become
-if you get killed you lose bounty/honor points and are respawned on the map after x amount of secs
-if you defeat an enemy you gain bounty/honor points
-the amount of points you lose or gain depends on who you killed or who you were killed by.
-if the player has a lot more bounty/honor you will not lose that much if they kill you but if you kill them you will gain a lot of points
-alternatively if you kill or get killed by an enemy with very low bounty/honor compared to yours you will lose a lot of bounty/honor if you are killed and not gain that much if you killed them
-two variations 1) time 15, 20, 30 ect mins and the crew with the highest bounty/honor wins, or 2) by points where the first crew to hit X amount of bounty/honor wins
-both sides are added up and either the world govt or the pirates will be victorious; individual winners from each side will also be highlighted

One Piece Specific features:
-all of the characters will be present on the map
-logia types will not be playable
-however logia types from both sides will be on the map and are controlled by AI they will be battling it out between each other for the most part but sometimes they will wander the map taking out any enemy they come across
-once you hit a high enough bounty/honor you will be able to attack them
-taking a logia type out gets you lots of bounty/honor points
-the maps will be populated with lots of NPC enemies including: sea king monsters, giants (on both sides) merman, NPC pirates and marines
-the boats are like vehicles/mounts to get from one continent to the next
-there can be vehicle/mount combat
-just one huge map the size of an MMO world
-smaller maps for other multiplayer modes

the boats work like this:
-everyone has their own boat
-when your on the coast of the continent you can summon that boat and hop on and ride
-however you can only summon the boat when you have full hp/mp
-when you are near land you hop off and the boat disappears
-when you are on the boat you can shoot cannons, and use skills (these skills have cooldowns)
-you can roll in packs with anyone you are cooperating with
-if the boat is destroyed you will lose honor/bounty and be re spawned at a spawn point where its safe

dont forget the standard multiplayer modes:
-deathmatch & team deathmatch

up next... Bleach

I consult with the 7 sages

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08-23-2010, 11:40 PM
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from the later series....

Mode:Soul Society Vs Hueco Mundo
-3 maps: 1) soul society 2) heuco mundo, and 3) karakura town
-playable characters: primary characters, soul reapers, mod souls, vizard and the arrancar (espada and Privaron Espada)
-non playable characters: Barragan Luisenbarn (the king of heuco mundo), the top old guy soul reaper (idk his name), aizen
-the pirmary non playable characters will be on the map but controlled by AI sometimes they will just stand there, other times they will randomly help out players, and other times they will go on rampages
-taking out a primary non playable character will require coordination and high points
-all of the maps will be populated by hollows, menos, and non playable arrancars
-the object is to gain spiritual pressure points (sp)
-you earn sp by taking out your enemies
-if you die you are just re spawned on the map and lose sp points
-as you gain sp points you get stronger

need i say more?

next up naruto....

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08-23-2010, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by SkyMuffin View Post
I really don't understand why you go around making random threads with all of your "ideas".


seriously...what is the point of this exactly?
The reason is that he wants his voice to be heard with possibly various hopes on what can happen. It's because he has imagination and with no means into putting it into practice. It's something he believes can make it big. Why does it matter if he wants his voice to be heard? It's not like making this thread has just added enough weight so that cyberspace can make the earth spiral into the sun and doom us all. You don't really like his idea comment on how he could improve it or how great it is, no one really cares what stupid remark you have to say, so what if something is far fetched many ideas in the "old days" were. Mp3 players? Psh, disc players are where it's at! Computers? Yhea right, well you get my point. So in other words put up or shutup.

08-24-2010, 08:50 AM
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before i divulge my thoughts on how the same concept could apply to the naruto shippuden franchise. i would like to explain a few things in case you're not getting it yet...

1) licensing content: companies, developers, and publishers do this all the time (Gameloft anyone?)

2)streaming rights: same thing as licensing content there are many many web properties that do this (hulu, pandora, ect)

3) familiarity is a powerful tool: one of the most obvious reasons to use a tenured (and popular) anime franchise over an original IP is familiarity. game developers and publishers do this all the time too, thats why there are soooooooo many sequels a la "Resident Evil Zombies Called to Duty for Gears of Halo Wars Theft Auto 5"

then theres the gameplay... which i think is interesting on many key points:
-the primary modes combine both competitive and cooperative gameplay
-its basically a massive playground built so you can hop right into the action kick ass with your favorite anime characters
-doesnt bother or waste time with retelling the anime or setting up any kind of deposition it is what it is there is no need to explain anything (yet another reason to leverage a popular anime franchise)
-flexible enough so players can hop in and have mindless fun and that wont decay the overall experience for everyone
-yet deep enough so there is tangible benefits and challenges to overcome for players who want to take it seriously and cooperate/compete properly
-simplified: no items to manage, nor weapons/armor to deal with, its just kill or be killed (hp and mp recharges automatically after not taking damage for X amount of secs)
-loose RPG layer: when you kill you earn points. these points make you stronger (more hp, mp, stronger attacks/defense, faster speed, ect & unlocks skills)
-huge maps with lots of players

I consult with the 7 sages