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App description: "The Legend of Imperial Defence" is very Cool inside "Tower Defence Games".
You could play this game exciting.

+++ Ver.up Information +++
+Rendering method changed.
+Save data initialize method fixed.
+Sun button added.

The player became the Imperial Army commander,
Place the tower and the barrier to prevent from entering in enemy forces.

Change the difficulty at every stage,
By varying the speed and screen size more games
This game would be that a wide range of users from beginners to advanced could enjoy.

Consists of 9 stages + Extra Stage.

? Each enemy have a weakness to attack.
If you place the tower of Enemy's weakness ,you could do battle in favor of the game to advance.

You can get a bonus for each successfully defended five times in one stage.
Pick the one fighting for advantageous.

In addition to towers for attacking, you can set up a barrier.
If you set up a barrier,you could attack enemy at once.

- The game speed can be selected from three levels.
Please select third speed,if you would like to clear in the fastest speed!

* You can change the display area.
You could overlook the whole of a strategy, if you will expand a screen.

- At every stage combat record (ClearTime & Towers & Money) are saved.

ImNoSuperMan's comments:
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08-23-2010, 05:30 AM
Joined: Dec 2009
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Game Impressions

Okay, first (quick) impressions:

- fixed-path TD-game with five different towers (usual stuff - bow, crossbow, oil, slingshot etc.), each can be upgraded several times
- you have to start each wave manually, so you have enough time for tower building
- if you pause the game, you see the weakness of the upcoming wave of creeps
- pinch-to-zoom is working and gives you a nice overhead view with clouds drifting over the battlefield as you look down from a greater distance
- different translation errors, but as it is usual stuff, this shouldn't be a problem
- each five waves you can pick a power-up (increase damage by 10%, increase range by 50%, increase gold-rate...), which gives a nice touch and adds to you preferred strategy

Can't make a clear recommendation now, or say if the pricing is right, as I have only played two maps now

EDIT: Game keeps crashing after strating the first wave on stage 5 (Graveyard of Death) - even after restarting my 3GS... so I put it aside until the support contacts me - or an update is there

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