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App description: "If youre a fan of 2D arcade games then youre going to enjoy Croak!...Its definitely a great value for the $0.99 price point and well worth the download" --SlapApp.com

Rather Odd Computing is pleased to present CROAK! A Tree Frog Arcade Adventure!!

CROAK! is OpenFeint Enabled.


Eat Flies. Dodge Snakes. Make Tadpoles. This is the meaning of life Wisdom of frog Zen master Easy, right?Pshaw! A frogs life should be so simple!Its a tree frog frenzy as players lead one of six stunningly beautiful tree frogs (based on actual species) through a series of gorgeously rendered exotic environments. Eat flies, fireflies, cicadas, grasshoppers, butterflies and more as you avoid snakes, chameleons, and even a hungry lemur!

Select a frog species from the unlocked choices, then challenge your hand-eye co-ordination by tapping on the screen to quickly extend your frog's tongue, attempting to strike and eat flying insects. Dont forget to dodge hungry predators by tilting the device to the left or right!


Game Features:

-Six unlockable tree frogs (based on actual species) to control during gameplay!
-Real-world predators including a Green Tree Python (m. viridis), Ball Python (p. regius), Cottonmouth (a. piscivorus), Panther Chameleon (f. pardalis), Ring-Tailed Lemur (l. catta) and more!
-Retro-style arcade gameplay combined with gorgeous 2D renders of 3D graphics provide a unique gaming experience that is equally perfect for a few spare minutes or an extended gaming session!
-Provides a simple 'pick up and play' learning curve, while still maintaining a deep, engaging, achievement structure that will have you picking it up to play time and again!
-All animals in the game are based on actual species, featuring true-to-life depictions and taxonomic names, which combine beautifully with optional real-world jungle sound effects to enhance the nature show experience of the game!
-CROAK! is OpenFeint enabled, providing global high score lists, fifteen challenging achievements to master, integrated social networking, fan club, developer interaction, and much more!!


YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52XEutGfxkI

RatherOdd's comments:
Hi All,

To celebrate the release of our latest game CROAK!, Rather Odd Computing would like to give away 10 Promo codes to the fine folks here at Touch Arcade (assuming anyone is interested):

iTunes Store Link:


Gameplay Video:

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And, finally, the CODES:


We would appreciate App Store ratings and/or reviews, but these are of course voluntary and by no means necessary when taking a code.

Please let others know which code you are taking, just to keep everyone on the same page

Have fun!!

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YA43XX9X7WAJ Thanks, looks cool.

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Took ATFL6YYRJK3T. Thanks!
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Took WRXM3HLJ4H7J and given it ratings. Thanks!
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thnx I used MLJ7P3XFWJWM
I'll leave a review when i've tried it..
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all gone

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Wow! Thanks for checking us out guys!

Since they went so fast (and since we are in Canada and only US customers can use them anyway), here are five more:

08-26-2010, 08:56 PM
So odd that the original codes were gone with less views than codes!
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Originally Posted by New England Gamer View Post
So odd that the original codes were gone with less views than codes!
Hmm, yes that`s true...hadn`t thought of that. Oh well, hopefully they get used up.

Maybe someone took the bottom code and there were still some of the ones higher up the list available?