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App description: Political Beatdown Whackem HD By: Ecliptic Games, LLC

iPad Version (Iphone version available as well.)

Talk about political action at its best!!!

Ecliptics new Whack-a-mole style game covers all political affiliations with fun filled game play for Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Party members. Healthcare, taxes, and empty promises got you mad as heck and you cant take it any more? Take out your frustrations on the party of your choice and have fun at the same time.

Continuously increasing speed will challenge all players. Players earn cash as they progress. Bonus cash can be earned if you are super fast! The top earner or High Roller scores are recorded and set a challenge for repeat or new players. Uncle Sam analyzes the earnings and decides if you owe any taxes! Good luck on avoiding your taxes, but dont worry, Uncle Sam will take care of you.

- Fast action game play.
- Three playable modes: Republican, Democrat, or Tea Party.
- Records top scores so you can try to beat the best.
- High definition graphics, animations, and hilarious sound effects.
- Continuously random and challenging game-play.
- Fun for all ages.

Ecliptic's comments:
Hey guys! Apple finally approved Political Beatdown after going through atleast 5 or 6 revisions. It is only a shadow of the original but atleast its out there and is still a fun game. I will be adding a campeign mode which will be another gameplay mode that will keep the excitement.

Youtube Video of Original Characters. (Been replaced with Stylized Donkeys and Elephants)

Ipad Link/Codes:

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XT7NAYX3HRYT thank you!

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Cool, grabbed PJELMTJRAP9H.

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Took AAJPJL347A3N, Thanks!
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Thanks, I got LHPFYATF7FRR.
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Awesome! It was very savvy of you to include all current strains of politics, if you get my drift.

I took this one and as always, will leave a review. THANKS!

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Thanks for all the comments. I will be pushing an update through soon that will make the game even more challenging. I hope you guys enjoy the gameplay and let me know if there is anything you would like to see in the updates!

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Don't forget!

Don't forget if you have a IPhone there is also an Iphone version available!

Thanks for all the feedback, I appreciate the comments!