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iPhone: New game "Swimming pig" promo codes!

08-31-2010, 11:13 AM
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New game "Swimming pig" promo codes!


Let me know if you grab one


Little Pig always want to explore the Mariana Trench, you can help him get there? Although the journey is full of dangerous, even terrifying shark and king squid, but along the way have the full complement of blood and oxygen, which will help you get faster!
Come on, where you could play games with the friends all over the world to see who will first reach the mysterious Mariana Trench!

Playing Introduction:

Little pig has life values and oxygen values. Life values will be reduced when encountering the sea fish. And Oxygen values will be reduced gradually in the beginning. Either life values or Oxygen values reduces to Zero, Game will be over. But don’t worry; eating the props by the way of driving will recover Life values and Oxygen.
Clicking the screen to get a second double-speed and avoids the enemy or eats the props is the feature of this game!

Props Introduction:

Game shop has divided four props in total, namely: swimming equipment, life limited values prop, oxygen limited values prop, lighting prop.
Four levels per prop;
Swimming equipment can increase little pig speed and turning angle;
Life props can increase little pig life values;
Oxygen props can increase little pig oxygen values;
Light Props can increase little pig field of view, the deeper of the sea, the greater of the light effect!

Recommend Features

- Mysterious function of double acceleration
- Use of gravity sensing operation, to prevent finger blocking the line of sight
- there are four kinds of props, each prop has four grades
-Openfent Ranking List function

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Used NJ4FNWW6L4LH thx
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used M3J9TWYN79NX

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Thanks !