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Rimelands: Hammer of Thor - Crescent Moon Games and Dicework (Universal App) +lite

09-02-2010, 11:52 AM
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Rimelands: Hammer of Thor - Crescent Moon Games and Dicework (Universal App) +lite

Game Impressions..
Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
As someone who was lucky enough to beta test this, I can safely say this is the perfect 'cup of tea RPG'. Playing with one hand is easy enough and combat unfolds at your own pace due to the turnbased nature of it.

Graphics are pretty stunning, running on my 2G iTouch pretty happily. Animations are well created and cutscenes engaging. Oh, and the story ain't bad either

Can't really say enough good things about this. Buy buy buy. oh and gratz to Arto, Josh and the rest.
Originally Posted by BazookaTime View Post
Playing this on the iPad, I have only played through the first section.

Game looks awesome on the iPad, sure I would love an HD version but this game is pure quality. Everything, controls ect. Are placed in a way that they are perfect on the iPad.

Controls are perfect and I can't believe how fluid they feel. Touch icons are easily accessible and everything is easy to use. First section is a bit of a tutorial but it doesn't feel like one because the game is so well put together. There is a ton of depth to the game but everything is so well laid out, it is simple to use.

This is a super polished, well put together game.
Originally Posted by Stranded87 View Post
I've played about an hour or so and i'm quite impressed so far. I'm running it on a 3g and it handles it more or less fine (some slight frame rate drops but nothing major, and as combat is turn based it never screws you over).

Love the combat system so far, it really seems like it will hold a lot of tactical depth in later battles, as you have access to three different modes of attack (melee, ranged and magic), combined with skills that can change the flow of battle and enemies that require different tactics.

The story hasn't developed much yet, but whats there so far has left me suitably intrigued. There also hasn't been a huge amount of exploration yet, the individual maps seem quite linear (of course this may change further in), but you do sometimes have multiple places available to visit on the world map.

The levelling system is fairly standard and seems to allow you to either specialise as a barbarian, assassin or magic user or become some combination of the three. There's also been quite a lot of different equipment made available already, including some with interesting abilities attached (eg a dagger that heals you slightly whenever it inflicts damage). And on top of that there's the engineering system which allows you to build your own gear from blueprints you find.

Weapons appear on the character but sadly armour doesnt seem to.

You don't seem to be able to manually save, however it autosaves regularly. Although i did once die in a dungeon and had to repeat the whole floor (only about 10 minutes worth of gameplay, but still one thing i always value in wrpg's is being able to save whenever i want so i never have to do that.)

Overall though it's definitely shaping up to be one of the best rpg's available on idevices and i highly recommend it.
Originally Posted by trystero View Post
An hour in and the game definitely has a nice feel to it. Looks good on the iphone4 and the dice rolling is sweet. I *am* a little puzzled by the item fabrication mechanic.

At least to this point in the game, you find a schematic and then you break down accessories in your inventory until you have enough of three raw materials to make the item from the schematic. While the idea seemed very cool and akin to what was found in Arcanum, it seems so simplified here that a lot of the fun in finding the right materials to craft cool item "X" is gone. The only difference between buying an item from a shop with gold earned by selling other items and crafting an item with materials earned by breaking down other items are the graphics associated with each.

Does it change later on?
Originally Posted by tea View Post
Roll a dice!
Originally Posted by dumaz1000 View Post
... Unfortunately, I have never met a tactics game that I did not detest. There is nothing that can be done to cause me to even remotely enjoy this genre. What a shame, because it looks like this could have been an action-rpg instead of turn-based, and then it would've been awesome.
I can understand this.
Some of us like turn-based/tactics; others don't. Given the lush graphics, smooth animation and beautiful sound environment... If you don't like turn based/tactics, then it must be a disappointment.
Now, to get this out of the way:
- turn-based.
- battle is based on rolling dice. The system isn't too complex (at the beginning at least) and the tutorial does a fantastic job. It's not too simple either, so I find it quite pleasant.
- i only wished gameplay wasn't constantly interrupted by (the noise of) rolling dice, and the sight of them dropping right on top of the characters.
- turn based fighting doesn't make the game tedious or slow. the first fights are very quick, making the gameplay feel 'casual' compared to other turn-based RPG games.

Aside, the four directions dpad is usable, but not ideal; also, the game isn't anything like 'HD' (played on iPhone4). I don't really mind considering the graphics are so pretty.

Now for the best points.
- The introduction is very engaging.
- Environments are beautiful. That includes the landscape and soundscapes so far. Exteriors are pretty, and dungeons feel even better with really cool lighting effects too.
- The game seems like a pure RPG, nearly retrospective of the pen and paper days, but with the quick, casual feel I've already described. It has the skilling system, the equipment system and so forth... Even better, the RPG system feels smart and well thought out. Especially liked the 'armor piercing' bit.
- Beginners aren't left out, and you can start the game without 'being prepared to invest into it'. The tutorial teaches you bit by bit, so the game can afford a complex system very much unlike some of the casual action RPGs that reduce the genre to targeting monsters and watching your XP go up.

So I think it's...
- So-so if you don't like any of the above(!) or you're stubborn about feeding your iPad with 1024x768 gfx or blinding your Retina display.
- Must-buy if you love traditional RPGs - or loved RPGs and think you don't find time to play them anymore, love 3D so fine it doesn't 'look 3D', love rolling dice, love great sound and music.

Now, that's just first impressions, leaving out the reason why I play RPGs (that and the fantasy universe): questing. If the story's great and the quests are fun, I'll be dropping my coding to enjoy the game!

Originally Posted by ScottColbert View Post
OKay, now that I got past the first dungeon and into the second, here are my impressions.

Graphically this game is killer, I absolutely can't complain about them at all. Even with weather effects turned on it runs smooth as silk on my 2nd gen Touch. I haven't encountered any slow downs or graphics glitches. It's pretty, pretty, pretty. I also like the fact it starts off in snowy mountains, simply because it's 105 out right now. Cools me right down. :P

Gameplay is good, though it relies a bit too much on the roll of the dice. I died twice in the first dungeon simply because of rolls. You do have the option of rerolling (at the cost of mana), but at the same time, you may get something even worse, which happened to me. When I went down the third time, the dice were definitely in my favor. I think a little tweaking on this mechanic may be in order for any future updates. I do like the fact it's turn based, as it reminds me of the very first rpg's I played, so the nostalgia factor may color my opinion a bit. Also being able to go from ranged to melee is a lot of fun, especially with guns in the mix. Love the steampunk settings.

Controls are a bit of a mixed bag for me. I have no issues with the menus or going through them as it's all very intuitive (though the tutorial does a decent job of explaining them). I don't like only having 4 ways to move; now this may not be much of a problem if the controller was more responsive. For me though, I'll tap to move, and my character does nothing. I have to tap a bit to get a response. Fortunately that doesn't happen all the time, just enough to keep it a little annoying. Using the controller to control most actions though is a nice bit of streamlining. You simply tap the arrow that's hilighted for a melee hit and there's a separate button for special abilities and ranged actions. I'm still on the fence about the dice portion though. you'll either love it or hate it-and I'm leaning towards not liking it.

Storywise I think it's too early to tell for me just how deep it is. What there's been so far has sucked me in, and I want to see what happens next. Having side quests you pick up in town also helps as well. Still whether deep or shallow, any game that gets me to keep playing to see it unfold is a success in my book.

I guess my only major complaint is lack of a manual save system. I understand it saves on its own, but I tend to like saving before boss battles and knowing I can restart from right where I left off and not have to run back to where I was. Enemies don't appear to respawn, so if you die you just go back to where you were.

In short, it's a solid rpg, with some unique mechanics, and definitely well worth the 4.99. I'd have paid 9.99 and not complained about it, actually.

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09-02-2010, 11:58 AM
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OMG!!! Thank you VERY MUCH JOSH!
Rimelands its Here! good game
09-02-2010, 11:58 AM
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Game Impressions

Finally downloading ASAP

First impressions
Nice intro trailer.
The controls are really nice although they are kinda different to other virtual d-pads as you gotta press every time you want to go somewhere but this makes sense as you can only move in 4 directions and you cant walk diagonal.
The sound effects are great ,too.
The game runs smooth on my first gen ipod ( first i thought it lags a bit but that was cause of the popping up tutorial screens.)
The levelling up system is nice
every time you level up you can put a point on eather meele fight, assassin, mage and then you can apply skill points for that class. So you can eather specialise in one class or mix those classes.
The menus are well made and you can compare you current weapon with those you found.
The combat is really nice and turnbased ( you roll dices and your enemy and depending what do you throw the attack eather hits the target, misses, or will be blocked)
So far i would rate this a 5/5 and it is easily worth the price

I apologize for every mistake in this text as this was typed on my ipod and english is not my first language

Wow! You are the Lionel Messi of the Touch Soccer world!!!

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09-02-2010, 12:01 PM
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woooohooo ^^
It's surprisingly small, only 32 mb.

Let's have a look ^^
09-02-2010, 12:03 PM
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trailer to come shortly!!!
09-02-2010, 12:03 PM
Rimmelands is here, Rimmelands is Here!!! Yes!
09-02-2010, 12:07 PM
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This must be the best week ever? I mean, so many great new games and new iPods...
09-02-2010, 12:07 PM
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Hey, it's out! Finally!

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