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Angry Birds - Smash Maniac Discussion

09-06-2010, 04:54 PM
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Angry Birds - Smash Maniac Discussion

From another thread (slightly off topic) but worthy of its own IMHO

Originally Posted by Fingers View Post


I have completed all the achievements except Block smasher, smash maniac, EP1 score addict and EP2 score addict. So I know how to do the two episode ones, but im a bit unsure about the smash ones... My question is, does anyone know if smashed blocks count towards the achievement ONLY when a level is completed? I.e. if I load a level and smash a load of blocks, then restart it (without completing it) and do the same again will the smashed blocks count? Or do I have to actually complete the level?

This forum has the most information ive seen about AB so I hope no-one minds me asking! I tried searching but didnt have any luck!!

Must ask the same question.

Do you need to complete levels to count towards the 500000 blocks?

I am so guilty of half doing a level and starting again if it goes bad

Also do they only count the blocks that the birds break or do they include all the falling blocks as well.

I have 3 starts in every level and have played most levels more than a few times with increases in scores so just how do you tell if you are reaching that magical number????

09-06-2010, 04:56 PM
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Wrong place?