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[GAME GUIDE] Rogue Hearts

03-18-2018, 03:50 AM
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[GAME GUIDE] Rogue Hearts

Finally getting around to a proper guide thread for Rogue Hearts, where you can amuse yourself by following my ramblings

Some basic stuff first:


If you have any questions, suggestions, corrections andsoforth, please post in the main Rogue Hearts thread here http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=317034.
As well, you can always ask in the game chat, but as it doesn't really have a history, it's very easy to miss something. If you want to be sure on that, best use Toucharcade's Discord - the existing Warhammer Quest 2 channel is best I think, as it's rather quiet there. Should ask staff to rename it to something more generic sometime.
UPDATE 26.3.18: Rogue Hearts now has his own Discord Server, thanks to n1kon for that: https://discord.gg/NZWkWud

Post order will very likely change over time, as I am starting more or less at random, and will add more info and structure it later.

Ornament equipment:
That's the stuff with the fancy decoration in the topleft corner of the icon. As it only drops from bosses, I'll just call it "boss stuff" or somesuch from now on.

A lot of this guide will be specific to the Archer for the time being, as she's my main character. General info usually applies to the Warrior as well. And whenever I encounter something interesting for him, I'll post it here too.

Links to already available information below.
Note though that the opinions and ideas about how to approach things might very well have changed with playing more after I wrote the posts. Over time, I'll do updated and consolidated versions of this info.

First big infodump, with general notes, tips, and an area info up to Monetia Ruins East: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...0&postcount=84
Witherless Forest info: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=208
Area info on Woodland Path, Oathland and Gaia's Garden: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...13#post4090213
My first thoughts on levelling skills: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...5&postcount=61
First post on Forging: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...8&postcount=74
More on Crafting by yours truly: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=184
My original post on dismantling boss stuff, with some extra bits on daily quests and Gold: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=116. And dbagga84's reply, which convinced me to not dismantle boss stuff unless you have a huge surplus of a specific item: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=119
On upgrading Blacksmith and Miner: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=247

hkguy with info on the Destroyer switches: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=227
hkguy on the Tarnished items: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=230 , http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=238

How to fight the first Imperial Guard boss in Monetia Ruins West, first stage "Entrance": http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...2&postcount=55
Kobold and Slime Fight in stage 3 of Gaia's Garden: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=200

Info on (Torture) Troll fight: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=276

Upgrade path for the Archer: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=268

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FAQ - answers to common questions

So, the same questions keep popping up frequently in the game chat. Here's some answers.
And special credits to n1kon, for a lot of input and ideas.

0) Where's Rogue Heart's Discord?
--> See here: http://www.mobirum.com/article/detai...130&id=1081587 . Direct link is https://discord.me/roguehearts. Thanks a lot to n1kon for setting it up.

1) Are there other characters beside the starting Warrior?
--> Yes. Currently there is Belrose, a female Archer. Also see #18.

2) But when do I get Archer Belrose?
--> Patience is a virtue. You unlock her after beating the Troll boss in the Monetia Mines. In other words, just follow the storyline.

3) Is there PvP / Coop / Guilds?
--> Currently no to all three. However, Ninetail said they are working on coop.

4) What is the best way to farm Gold?
--> This needs a separate post, coming soon. Short answer: Daily Quests. Replaying stages. And crafting Ingots from Copper, Iron and Black Iron. Don't do that with Silver or higher, these are too rare to waste them on getting Gold.

5) Do I need to upgrade the Blacksmith / Miner?
--> Early on not really. Blacksmith upgrades are handy for more decompose slots. Miner upgrades allow you to craft higher-tier stuff. Save that for much later.

6) What to do with those Ancient Star Pieces?
--> See first post in this thread. hkguy explained it in detail.

7) What's with the Spinel option at the Miner?
--> This is also for much later. Again, see first post. Again thanks to hkguy for the detailed explanation.

8) What should I save my Gems (premium currency) for?
--> Don't waste them on opening chests. Get some extra storage space as needed. Then save up for the two farming items - Cape and Spirit. And when you start farming Torture bosses is a good time to buy the Portal in the Pub.

9) What's with those Pub Portals anyways?
--> They give you direct access to the Torture/Nightmare boss stages. Each costs 20 Gems to unlock, once. It's a permanent unlock - after the one-time purchase you have unlimited access to the respective Portal.

10) Where do I get Equipment / Recipe powder from?
--> Recipe powders you get from dismantling duplicate recipes at the Mage's Guild. Don't do this with ones you haven't learned yet. And no need to rush about it, unless you absolutely want a specific item right now. When you start farming Torture bosses, you'll get so many recipes that then is a good time to get serious about it.
Equipment powder you get from dismantling Blue Boss Items. And only from those: Purple, Epic, and Legendary do not give powders when dismantling them.
And you can get both from daily quests.

11) How do I beat Boss... ?
--> This also needs a separate post, most likely several. Till then, check the first post in this thread for some info. Also, the official game forum has quite a few videos of specific fights.

12) When do the Daily Quests in the Pub reset exactly?
--> Once per day, obviously At 0700h CET, to be precise.

13) Where are those Daily Quests, by the way?
--> In the Town Pub. Walk up to the Board, which is to the left of the entrance, and bump into it.

14) And how do I turn in those quests?
--> Also at the Quest Board. Instead of "Accept", there's a "Complete" button next to the quest then.

Credits to n1kon for the next two:
15) What are RP points for? And where do I get them from?
--> They are used to upgrade skills. You get them from dismantling equipment at the Blacksmith.

16) Does the pickup range increase from the Cape and Spirit items stack?
--> Yes.

17) Where can I find Skill Spinels level 21 and higher?
--> Not yet, as of the time of writing this on 21.3.18 . Might be coming with the next major content upgrade ("season two"), but noone knows for sure yet. Credits to Unc for this one.

18) Do I have to play with both heroes? And which one should I choose as main? - Credits to Sakara for this question.
--> Early on, during the storyline, you have to switch between them as some stages mandate either Rian or Belrose. But this is a very short part of the game compared to what comes after, no need to sweat about it.
Personally, once I got Belrose, I played with her primarily. And only brought out Rian when I had to, leveling him up as needed, minimum effort only. While other people are very happy with their Warriors.
I am still playing Archer Belrose, as I like her and it's extremely expensive and time-consuming to max both of them out at the same time.
So, which one you pick as main - or if you decide to do the long haul and upgrade both in parallel - is really up to personal preference.

19) On the Daily Quests, what do the differently colored book icons mean?
--> They denote quest rarity and correspond with the item rarity tiers. E.g. a white book is a very common quest, and a blue one is rare tier. Credits to deteknician and n1kon.

I have another question you didn't cover here.
--> Drop a post in the main game thread here, ask in the game chat, hop by on Discord... someone will have an answer for you.

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Area Info v2

Almost done, only Monetia Mine and Ruins are still missing a few details.

Update of the first area list I made, so it's all in one place and in the same format.
I'm not bothering with making a more finely grained droplist. So, anything that drops frequently is marked as "common", anything that doesn't is "rare" (which can range from uncommon to pretty rare dropchance). Some items of note have a "very rare" drop rate, I mention those separately.
All stage bosses drop a "Gray Soul of <area name>" corresponding to their area, so I'm not listing those separately.
Enemies are listed in format <name> <level>, so a "Wolf 24" means a level 24 Wolf, obviously Bosses are listed in the same format, per stage.

A note on Black Iron Ore:
It could be that the droprate for Black Iron Ore - or rather the ratio at which you get Black vs. Copper and regular Iron - increases with your level. E.g. for the Monetia Ruins East I originally had Black Iron Ore noted as rare drop. While now at level 30 I get it far more frequently than when I first played the area during the storyline.

Monetia Mine:
Enemies: Slime 7, Goblin 7.
Materials common: Wood, Raw Leather from Goblins.
Materials rare: Copper Ore, (Black) Iron Ore, Silver Ore. Rough Ruby, Rough Emerald - both very rare.
Treasure Map: 1-2.
Mine Map: Ruby - only got it from Stage #6 Troll so far.
Items/Recipes: Troll.
Skill Spinel level: 5.
Stages & Bosses:
1) Lower Part of Entrance. Purple Slime 7 x2.
2) The Little Devils. King Slime 7.
3) The Plunderers' Trap. Goblin 7. Two waves with 4 each, then 2 Purple Warriors.
4) Master of the Plunderers. Hobgoblin 7.
5) Predators' Hunting Ground. Goblin Warrior 7.
6) Devilish Gem. Troll 7.

Abandoned Mine:
Enemies: Hobgoblins 10, Orcs 10.
Materials common: Wood, Raw Leather from Orcs.
Materials rare: Copper Ore. Rough Ruby, Rough Emerald - both very rare.
Treasure Map: 3-5.
Mine Map: Ruby, Silver.
Items/Recipes: Hobgoblin.
Skill Spinel level: 5.
Stages & Bosses:
1) Abandoned Mine Entrance. Orc Warrior 10 x2.
2) Forked Path. Orc Warriors 10 x2. Afaik Minemap:Silver only drops from them.
3) The Warmonger. Orc Chieftain 10. On level 2 of that stage I got more frequent drops of Minemap:Ruby.

Monetia Ruins - West of Forgotten Ruins:
Enemies: Imperial Guard 15 - Archers, Axemen, Swordsmen.
Materials common: Copper Ore, Iron Ore.
Materials rare: Black Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Wood.
Treasure Map: 6-10.
Mine Map: Gold, Emerald.
Items/Recipes: Imperial.
Skill Spinel level: 10.
Stages & Bosses:
1) Ruins Entrance. Imperial Guard Axeman & Swordsman 15. Bring AoE and Defense Removal, as you need to kill both at the same time.
2) The Silent Altar. Imperial Royal Guard Thorkel 15. Bring Defense Removal.
3) The Place of Lies. Tolharra Soldier 15 x2. Bring Defense Removal.
4) The Blooming Whisper.
5) Trace of Darkness.
6) The Arriving Destiny. Elvira.
7) Escape from the Ruins.

Monetia Ruins - East of Forgotten Ruins:
Enemies: Imperial Guard 14 - Archers, Mages.
Materials common: Copper Ore, Iron Ore.
Materials rare: Black Iron Ore, Gold Ore. Rough Diamond, Rough Emerald - very rare.
Treasure Map: 6-10.
Mine Map: Gold, Emerald.
Items/Recipes: Imperial. But only from Martan, afaik.
Skill Spinel level: 10.
Stages & Bosses:
1) The Hideout. Imperial Archer 14 x2.
2) Red Trap. Tolharra High Priest Bayaga 14.
3) A Crack in the Line of Sight. Tolharra Priest 14. Has those annoying "destroy bombs within time limit" rooms.
4) Windy Passage. Imperial Archer Leader Martan 14.

Land of the Oath:
Enemies: Skeletons 19 - Sword, Lightning Sword, Archer (in Path of Thunder mostly).
Materials common: Copper Ore, (Black) Iron Ore.
Materials rare: Wood, Platinum Ore.
Treasure Map: 11-15.
Mine Map: Platinum, Sapphire.
Items/Recipes: Intent & Wraith, see Notes below.
Skill Spinel level: 15.
Notes: Early on, Rian fares slightly better against the melee Skeletons. Also, this is the only area with separate materials for Belrose and Rian: Intent for her, Wraith for him. The Wraith bosses drop Wraith stuff, the other stages mainly drop Intent, with the rare Wraith in between if I remember right.
Stages & Bosses:
1) The Deads' Standstill. Use Rian. It needs hero level 16, credits to Jonas for this info. Boss lvl 19, I think.
2) Path of Ice. Frost Guardian Statue 19. It summons Skeleton Swordsmen.
3) Cold Space. Wraith Knight Hermod 19.
4) Path of Thunder. Lightning Guardian Statue 19. It summons Lightning Skeleton Archers.
5) Burial Place. Wraith Knight Ulhr 19. Bring Stun Resist.
6) The Oathkeeper. Wraith Knight Delingh 19.

Gaia Ruins:
Enemies: Kobolds 22, Slime 22. The latter have the Defense skill.
Materials common: Raw Leather from Kobolds.
Materials rare: Black Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Wood. Almost no destructibles worth anything. Most, like e.g. those large flowers, never contain anything.
Treasure Map: 16-20.
Mine Map: Amethrine, Titanium, Diamond.
Items/Recipes: Kobold, Knight, Ancient Archer/Warrior. See notes below.
Skill Spinel level: 15.
Notes: Bring Fatechains/Temptations and Charge/Slide for those switch puzzles.
About item/recipe drops: The Kobold drops a metric f-ton of Kobold gear and recipes. Kobold and Knight stuff you commonly get on Stages 1-3 (only afair), Ancient Archer/Warrior on Stages 4-6 (only, I think).
Stages & Bosses:
1) Faithful Friends. Kobold Chieftain 22.
2) Aggressive Friends. Slime Knight 22.
3) Ancient Garden. Both Kobold Chieftain & Slime Knight 22. Fight takes a long time. I used Belrose. Bring Healing skill, both move skills, and ideally Stun skill level 4+.
4) Whispers of the Past: Red Jewel Golem 22 x2. Can't be damaged from front. Really needs the Confusion Arrow / Turing Attack on level 11+. And optionally Fire Resist.
5) Earthly Root. Blue Jewel Golem 22 x2. Bring Freeze Resist. Same tactic as against Red Golem.
6) The First Garden. Ancient Keeper Khanhel (Dragon) 22. Bring Curse Resistance lvl 4. Oh, and he really doesn't like to get hit with movement skills like Charge or Somersault.

Witherless Forest:
Enemies: Wolves 24, Corrupted Ents 24.
Materials common: Raw Leather from Wolves, various Wood from Ents. No destructibles.
Treasure Map: 21-25.
Mine Map: Titanium, Amethrine.
Items/Recipes: Lone Wolf (common from the Wolf bosses) & Vegetation (rare).
Skill Spinel level: 19.
Stages & Bosses:
1) Witherless Forest Entrance. 24 Wolf Leader. Bring Bleed resistance.
2) The Place Where the Full Moon Stays. Boss lvl 24 Werewolf Nezhar. Easy kill, great for farming Wolf items.
3) The Place of Encroachment. Boss n/a. Only enemies in the stage are Poison Trees. Use Archer to kill them from a distance without getting poisoned. Loot note: the trees drop Exceptional Lumber.
4) Collapsed Darkness. Miniboss lvl 25 Polluted Ents. Boss lvl 25 Polluted Ents group.
5) Corrupted Source. Miniboss floor 2 lvl 25 Polluted Ents horde. Boss lvl 25 Elder Ent Weyot. Weyot is much easier once you have enough HP to tank at least 4 of his AoE attacks. Best avoid his Poison AoE in any case.

Grand Wall:
Enemies: Thieves 30, Bombthrower 30.
Materials rare: Wood, Copper, (Black) Iron Ore. Mythril Ore - very rare.
Treasure Map: 26-30.
Mine Map: Chrysoberyl, Diamon, Mythril - rare drops.
Items/Recipes: Gladiator - very rare drops.
Skill Spinel level: 19.
Notes: Bring Fatechains/Temptations and Charge/Slide for those block puzzles.
Stages & Bosses:
1) The Silent Ridge. Selfi&Selma 30. Bring movement skills.
2) Grand Wall. Boomer Rhonba 30. Very annoying and drawn-out fight until you can do enough damage to kill him in a cycle or two.
3) Blade Summit. Ranso 30. Once you can kill him reliably, the easiest fight to farm in my opinion. Well, until you can smack Bhalror around
4) Shield of the God. Lifeeater Bhalror 30.

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[GUIDE] Torture Upgrade Path - Archer

I made quite some progress after my first "upgrade path" post, and learned a lot on the way. So, let's get down to the crunchy bits, shall we?

In general, I tackled all the Torture bosses I could not win against yet at the time of my first upgrade path post, and went through a full upgrade cycle.
Third upgrade cycle (with Nightmare items) is currently ongoing, I'll cover that in another post.

About the various Torture battles I might write another time, those need their own post as well. Plus, there are a lot of great videos already.

Two important milestones I shall mention, though:
1. Mastering the Torture Ent fight, and getting the Souls to upgrade my armour, which greatly increased my HP from 7.000 (7k) to 11k with a +39% bonus.
2. Quickly and easily defeating Torture Bhalor. This gives you access to the Destroyers, the source of the next tier of Legendary upgrades: Bows and Daggers for the Archer, Weapons and Shield for the Warrior.

General approach:
I worked mostly with what I already had available and upgraded those pieces first when possible.
The second major source of upgrades was farming Torture bosses for Souls and Daskarf's items drops. The latter drop frequently enough that my Warrior has a full Daskarf set from boss drops with the Archer, without ever being used.
For my Archer I actually found less Daskarf items, and most of them were less useful than their counterparts from other gearlines.
I very much ignore the Intent line completely, as it is even harder to get than the Gladiator items.

On enhancing your shiny new toys:
I recommend to not enhance items from the first Legendary Tier past +2 (80% success chance). Doing only the first enhance at +1/100% is even better. Save the Legendaries for Tier 2 and 3(Alnilam).
The only exception is your weapon. When you start Torture, it's worth enhancing your weapon to +4 and even to +5 if you have the items to do it.
For example, I used the Epic Victorious Gladiator's Longbow +5, until I got the Flame Destroyer Longbow and upgraded that to +5 as soon as I could.
Same goes for starting into Nightmare: Pick the best weapon you can get, and enhance it to at least +3: This will be a bit more tedious than the previous round, as this time you need Legendary items as enhancement fuel. Most likely this will be a Destroyer weapon for a long time, as weapon Red Souls need you to defeat Nightmare Bhalor.,

A note on optimising for Critical Hit Chance:
I have a set that increases my critchance from 19% to 28%.
However, it seems that the +damage percentage boni on my "regular" non-crit set have a much bigger impact than the 9% added critchance. Those currently add up to +37% damage for the regular set, and +28% for the crit set. Even the insane amount of +crit damage percentage from the crit set doesn't seem to make up for the 9% base damage difference.

And now, onwards to the actual pieces:

Amulet and Rings:
Like I wrote in the first post, Daskarf's items from the Torture Troll are the best you can get. I farmed him for a complete set of Amulets and Rings. Note that this is a lot easier now with the daily free treasure chest.

I upgraded from the Gladiator Longbow to the Flame Destroyer one as soon as I got hold of it (hint: do the Flame Destroyer dungeon first), and enhanced it to +5.
Stats: Attack 1793 - 1901 (+135), +14% damage, +16% critical damage, Battlefocus Cooldown -1 turn, Confusion Arrow Cooldown -1 turn.

No dagger with at least +100 critchance available. I keep using the Moonlight Knife as it has the best overall stats.
Also, I crafted the Destroyer Daggers for their resistances, and got a Daskarf Dagger (which wasn't that useful).
I contemplated the Imperial Tuck for a while, but ultimately decided against it - doing well enough with the Moonlight Knife.
UPDATE: I totally overlooked the Goblin Dagger line. If you absolutely want a Critical Hit build, it is the top choice: Even the tier-1 Legendary "Fearful Goblin Katana" can go past +100 critchance. And is really easy to get, too.

At this point I am still running with my Ancient Keeper Hat, the +critchance and +critdamage on it are insanely high. Don't see a need to replace it.
Another good option for first Legendary tier are:
Unleashed Gladiator Hat (good +%dam and okay +critchance, low +%hp)
Knight's Hat of Forgotten Saviour (great +defense and +%hp)
Imperial Royal Guard Hat (about the same +%dam and +%hp as the Gladiator Hat, but no +critchance. A lot easier to get though).

As I wrote above, I kept going with the Knight line of chest armours for the huge +%hp bonus, and upgraded mine to L1 Chest Armour of Forgotten Saviour.
Same as for the Helms, Imperial and Gladiator lines are good alternatives too. As is the Ancient Keeper Chest Armour, for more crithit goodness.

I kept using my Knight Armguard, and upgraded it to L1 Forgotten Saviour once I could beat Torture Martan.
The only good alternative I see here is the Ancient Archer line, as it comes with an okay HP bonus and high +critchance and +critdamage.

I wanted a +critchance version to complete that set, and promptly found the recipe for Legendary Ancient Keeper's Pants. However, in light of the findings on critchance vs. damage bonus, I am putting that line on hold for now.
My current Daskarf's Leggings with +4% damage are fine; I used them until I did an upgrade with Nightmare Elvira Souls.
If you didn't get those with the +dam% bonus, you have alternatives:
Gladiator line: good, but not easy to get compared to the other options.
Intent/Wraith: they have the same +dam% and +HP% bonus range (~12-15%) as the Gladiator ones, and at least for the Warrior are a bit easier to get. Intent for the Archer is even rarer than Gladiator, and will take ages to get if you want a specific piece.
Imperial: Easiest to get, but have a lower +HP% bonus range (~5%) compared to the other two. +dam% is the same range, though.
Knight: gives a whopping +20-25% HP bonus, but only a meager fixed +damage of around 60; alas no +dam% bonus, so I'd avoid those unless you really need the extra HP.
In preparation for Nightmare, I'd go with the Gladiator or Imperial option, depending on which one you can get more easily. Knight as optional backup for when you need more staying power.

Still using my Daskarf's Boots from the first post, so nothing new to report here.

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[GUIDE] Nightmare Upgrade Path - Archer

On towards Nightmare...

Nightmare Bosses:
Here, the fights are decided primarily by learning their attack patterns. I can't stress this enough. E.g. NM Delingh *will* kill you if you didn't learn to move away from his instakill AoE attack.
Same as with Torture, I recommend to go for the Ent first to get an armour upgrade. Note that NM Ent is actually faster and easier than Torture, as the damage phase is a lot longer.
For Archer, you can very much skip the Warmonger, as I don't think the Northern Heart Daggers are worth it. Same as with Daskarf's, way too random with what you get.

Enhancing things:
This time, enhancing should be a lot easier: Run Mine of Death once per day, and use the Tarnished Legendaries for that. I do recommend to store one of each kind, and only use surplus items. Even with Alnilam's equipment not being that great currently, things might change in the future.
Any non-Legendary boss items you have stored but won't use are fair game, too. But don't go out of your way to upgrade them. E.g. I very quickly decided that killing 50+ Ents just to get 3 Legendary armours as enhancement fuel is not worth it. Work with what you have, and optionally where you can easily get the needed Souls.
With the Tarnished Legendaries, it's easily doable to upgrade one item to +5 per Deathmine run; depending on how far you get and how many drop, of course. However, I'd get everything up to +1 first, then +2 and +3. And only tackle +4 / +5 after that.

Next, what do we have for actual upgrades?
As usual, Northern Heart is very much hit or miss - just like Daskarf's items, so I'm not mentioning it explicitly. If you get something good, very nice. But don't count on it.
Also, you really should give any Warrior NH items you find to Rian first, instead of using them all as enhancement fuel.

Amulets & Rings:
Same as for Torture, good Amulets & Rings are your friend
Again, we'll want the whole set of Freeze/Stun/Curse resistance, and Poison/Bleed/Fire damage reduction. Ideally, they'll have at least one of +%HP, +%damage, -%damage taken. But don't sweat it. No need to go mass-farming the Troll until you e.g. have a Fire resistance Ring with 2 or even 3 of these attributes.
A good way to slowly keep improving them is to use the daily free chest on the Nightmare Troll.

I am still running with my Destroyer Flame Longbow +5, as I can't beat NM Bhalor - didn't memorise him well enough yet.
However, note that n1kon demonstrated how to beat him with under 15k HP. So, if you feel like learning Bhalor's patterns first and can survive it, by all means go for it.
When I can win against Bhalor, I'll add a section on which Bow(s) to choose here.
UPDATE: I just realised I've overlooked something crucial: The Gladiator Longbow is at least on par with the Flame Longbow, and the +critchance looks very promising. Now I need to go farm recipes. Will update again when I actually have it and could run some fights with it - namely Elvira and Deathmine.

I upgraded my Wolf-line Dagger to Legendary-2 tier "Hunting Knife of Lifebloom", as I still think it's the best option around.
If you absolutely want a Critical Hit build, the Goblin line is the top choice: Even the tier-1 Legendary "Fearful Goblin Katana" can go past +100 critchance. And is really easy to get, too.
Unfortunately there is no Dagger with a +tohit bonus, which would have been my top candidate.
The Destroyer Daggers aren't cutting it anymore: Level 8 Stun/Freeze/Curse resistance is too low for Nightmare. And the 1% damage reduction on Fire/Bleed/Poison is nothing to write home about either.

Gladiator line's Noble Liberator's Hat is the best choice for damage: +4% damage, +10-15% HP, +critchance can go up to almost 260 - but that's rare: mine ended up with +232.
If you have a hard time getting Gladiator stuff - or just don't feel like grinding for it, the Imperial line's Solemn Oath Hat is another excellent damage choice: +5% damage, +10-15% HP.
For pure Defense and HP, go with the Knight line's Radiant Saviour.
I finally retired my trusty Ancient Keeper's Hat with its crazy +428 critchance, as it doesn't have a +%damage bonus. Currently I'm alternating between my Noble Liberator and my Solemn Oath Hat.

No change for me here. I am still running with my Knight line Radiant Saviour armour for the extremely high +%HP bonus.
For a damage build, my choice is the Gladiator line again: +% damage on armour doesn't go higher than its +2%. And, more importantly, it also carries a HP bonus of ~50%, and +60-85 critchance.

Knight line Radiant Saviour, hands down: +dam% has a max of 11, AND it comes with a +% HP bonus of 15-21.
The damage bonus is so high, that even the Gladiator's Noble Liberator +critchance of 120-160 pales in comparison, as that piece only comes with +6% damage bonus.

Same as with the Boots below, Gladiator and Imperial are the choices for a damage build, and Knight for HP/Def.
Just like with my helmets, I am alternating between my Noble Liberator and Solemn Oath.
While Knight is great for the massive HP and Defense boost, they are not among my top choices here as they don't carry a +% damage bonus.

I still really like my Daskarf's, with their Def 273, +11% HP, +tohit 39, +3% damage, -4% damage reduction. Really hard to beat that combination.
If you are less lucky (which is likely), other options are:
Gladiator (Noble Liberator) or Imperial (Solemn Oath) for damage, Knight (Radiant Saviour) for HP & Defense.

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