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Here are the pixel sizes that app icons appear at

03-10-2009, 01:37 PM
Here are the pixel sizes that app icons appear at

I'm all for building icons really big and letting them scale down. But I was wondering what ACTUAL pixel sizes (excluding added drop shadows) are used.

Just in case any artists want to predict how their icon will look... I came up with the following:

in iTunes store before purchase
in feature boxes on main store pages: 53
in search results: 60
on developer's iTunes page: 75
on app's own page: 100

in Tunes after purchase
in iTunes library: 70
in iTunes Get Info window - summary: 112
in iTunes Get Info window - artwork: 45, 62, 96, 198 (slider)
in bottom-left artwork viewer: no limit (you can click to enlarge)

on iPhone
home screen and app store: 57
settings list: 29 (who looks there anyway?)

AppShopper: 65 (list) 70 (individual app)
MacRumors and TouchArcade sidebars: 70 (is that Apple's own affiliate program?)
AppSniper: 53
Apple.com sidebar on iPhone pages: 29
Apple.com top apps on iTunes page: 49
Finder: icon never seen (same with Windows Explorer?)
Cover Flow: icon never seen (neither in iTunes nor Finder)

So the smallest normally seen is 29 pixels (on Apple.com sidebar and in Settings) while the largest normally seen is 100 pixels. But there are places where larger sizes can be seen.

If I were testing my art, the most important sizes seem to be:

Unfortunately I notice that sometimes you see the icons rendered at ALMOST those sizes: you can see a little bit of background on the edge pixels.

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03-10-2009, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Adams Immersive View Post
in Tunes after purchase
in bottom-left artwork viewer: no limit (you can click to enlarge)
Well, well, well... I learn something new every day... I never knew you could view icon artwork this way — and at a MASSIVE size too! Awesome, thanks!

P.S: This enlarged view also seems to better support the 90-pixel corner radius from the other thread too...

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